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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    How do you deal with a partner who is constantly lying or hiding things from you?

    When it comes to dealing with a partner who is constantly lying or hiding things from you, it can feel like navigating a storm of emotion. It’s natural to feel betrayed, hurt and frustrated - not knowing what to believe or how to cope with feeling this way.

    The first step in confronting a partner who is being dishonest is to figure out what the issue is. Maybe they have a long-standing habit of lying; perhaps they’re only doing it to keep a big secret or protect themselves from something. It’s important to determine why your partner is being dishonest so that you can decide how best to deal with the situation.

    If your partner is a habitual liar or they're hiding something innocuous, you may want to try forgiving them and moving forward in a trusting relationship. It can be difficult, but focusing on the good moments, positive memories and the foundations of your relationship can help rebuild trust and emphasize that healthy communication and open honesty are vital for a secure partnership.

    Of course, if your partner’s dishonesty is caused by something more intense like an affair or addiction, you may want to shy away from forgiveness and work on ways to prevent them from continuing the behavior. This can mean anything from arranging for counseling, meeting with a therapist, or taking a break from the relationship to reassess.

    No matter the situation, one of the most important things to remember when dealing with a partner who is lying or hiding things from you is to be honest and vulnerable with your own emotions. Don’t keep yourself in denial or sweep your own feelings under the rug. Sharing your experience with your partner in a kind and open way can encourage the same kind of honesty in them.

    Another route is to ask yourself what you need in order to feel safe and secure. If your partner is withholding information or lying, it likely means they’re not concerned about providing you with that level of security. Make sure to set boundaries that reflect your own values and inform them as to why these boundaries must be upheld.

    When it comes to dealing with a partner who is hiding things or lying, communication is key. Be understanding of their situation and honest about your own needs. Taking these steps will give you the best chance to mend the relationship and move forward.

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