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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    How Can I Know if She Loves Me?

    My heart aches for you, as you find yourself in this state of confusion, feeling lost and uncertain of the love you share with someone special. It goes without saying that this particular situation - that of loving someone deeply but not being sure of their feelings - can leave a person feeling a mix of emotions ranging from insecurity to dejection and helplessness, accompanied by disillusionment and desperation. You are certainly not alone in finding yourself in this confusing, often overwhelming state and embarking on the journey of trying to figure out how to approach this delicate conundrum.

    It may be helpful for you to take a pause and gain some clarity to better understand this situation and your feelings towards it. Firstly, it is important to recognize the need to invest more time and patience into the exploration of your feelings on the matter, particularly if this involves holding off on intense zealousness to ascertain a certain answer. It is quite easy to get caught up in emotions and impulsively make irrational decisions, especially in relationships. Considering that grounding yourself in reality is perhaps one of the best ways to cope with such difficult emotions, it might be beneficial for you to ask yourself three simple questions:

    What do you currently know about the other person's feelings?

    Have you shared your feelings and intentions with this particular person?

    Are you ready to accept whatever the outcome of unveiling your feelings will be?

    These three questions may help you to better understand that it is only natural to feel apprehensive when communicating your innermost desires and emotions to another person. Thus, it could potentially be useful to remember how challenging it can be to take risks when it comes to matters of the heart and allow yourself to be guided by your courage and compassion. Most people find it helpful to think of the risk to uncover your feelings as one of the most essential steps to understanding true love and letting it manifest in its purest form.

    When it comes to knowing for sure if someone loves you, it becomes even more important to take into consideration the complexities of human interaction and relationships. In this situation, it would be wise to evaluate the responsiveness of your words and actions to this person, based on their behaviour and reaction towards you. If you feel confident enough to share your feelings with your partner, such honest communication can reveal a lot more than any sort of self-doubt ever could. While it is almost impossible to ascertain exactly what another person feels, spending quality time and really getting to know the other person may give you further insight into the nature of their emotions and intentions.

    That said, it is key to remember that it is always courteous and respectful to be honest with someone concerning your personal feelings at all times, regardless of their reciprocation. You should never allow yourself to be controlled or guided by a fear of rejection, or be afraid of voicing your thoughts aptly and openly. More so, keep in mind that choosing to express your emotions should never be an obligation or requirement, but rather a brave decision that must come from within. For some, it may take an extended period of introspection to uncover your own feelings and thus come to a place where there is room for further discussion and honest dialogue.

    Perhaps it is time to take a much needed step back and give both yourself and your partner the space to gain deeper understanding into the situation and develop stronger, healthier connections. That being said, the road to finding the proper answer in regards to unrequited love is often an uncertain and turbulent one to take, full of bumps and varying pathways that can lead to different outcomes. No matter which route you find yourself travelling though, make sure to fill it with respect, honesty and courage; for yourself, for the other person and for your relationship.

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