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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Healing the Breach: Mending Ruptured Adult Sibling Relationships

    Siblinghood is typically a sacred bond; however, this relationship can become fractured over time, or it can be severed from the start. A ruptured adult sibling relationship is of particular significance, as this split may be caused by opposing perspectives, values, and beliefs that have developed through life experience, rather than those established due to childhood quarrels. Though healing such a breach can be an arduous process, it is possible and can prove immensely rewarding, as the relationship captures an irreplaceable bond.

    We can look to the age-old notion—meant to counter sibling rivalry—of ‘the more the merrier’ for guidance in mending a broken adult sibling relationship. Though reconciliation can appear distant or even out-of-reach, there are certain methods to handle such a situation. First and foremost, accepting the notion of reuniting is essential in any successful attempt. Understanding that the breach between siblings may be symbolically traversed provides space to move forward. There must be a commitment to build trust between the two parties, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

    In reconciling with a former estranged sibling, being somewhat flexible and keen to compromise is key. Both parties must be open to sharing their feelings and agreeing to disagree where appropriate. While previously the brother and sister may have been entirely different people, they now unite under the shared experiences of adulthood. These commonalities should be emphasised, as it allows both individuals to agree on scenarios as sort of impartial outsiders – with new perspectives on the situation.

    Communication also offers a chance at responding to any perceived wrongdoing without escalating a situation beyond repair. While this can sometimes be difficult given the prickly nature of the familial relationship, hashing out grievances with logic and composure can be advantegeous in the long run. Especially if other family members have been party to healthy resolutions of conflict, then resembling such a model can enable effective results without the need for therapy or counselling.

    Believing reconciliation matters is an imperative ingredient for a successful reunification. Though repairing an adult sibling relationship may be a challenge, it comes with the great reward of being surrounded by those closest to you. There may be no stronger bond than that of a brother and sister united in spirit, while making efforts to forgive harms done. This healing process marks the opportunity to spend meaningful time with loved ones and avoid a solitary existence surrounded only by regrets of not making amends.

    Though the pain of estrangement between siblings can often feel unbearable, there is hope. Through accepting the possibility of mending, compromising, communicating, and believing, healing a ruptured adult siblings relationship is most certainly possible, with great reward to those engaging in the effort.

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