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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Engaged But Still Burning For An Old Flame

    It was a storybook romance that seemed destined to last forever.

    The depths of her sparkling blue eyes drew me in and I was hopelessly hooked. Everywhere we went we were like magnets, energized by our passionate union. We were both so hyper charged it felt like nothing could ever keep us apart.

    And then it happened, we got engaged!

    For a while the glow of our undying love felt like it would shine forever. After all, we had grown up together—we were soulmates, meant to be.

    But there was something still burning inside…

    You see, I had an old flame in my past. Someone I had loved deeply with all my heart and never expected to see again. Yet, right at the moment our engagement was announced, there she appeared – as if a force from beyond was determined to bring us back together one more time.

    It took all my will to resist the temptation of revisiting my former flame. Even though we were only ever friends, there were undeniable sparks between us that seemed to pick up where we left off. It was enough to challenge my commitment and cloud the vision of what was at stake.

    My friends warned me to stay away; one wrong move and my relationship would surely pay the price. It was a constant effort to protect my true soulmate: the trust of the woman I love has been placed in my hands, and it wouldn't take much to turn our happily ever after into ashes of regret.

    So I press forward towards that better future, avoiding my old flame and focusing on the passion between myself and the one I'm dedicating my whole heart to in the present.

    That doesn't mean I don't feel the embers softly glowing in the background of my heart, reminding me of what I've left behind. But it's an acknowledgement that even with the memories of shared love and experience, this journey of life should best be reserved for those with whom I can share a brighter tomorrow.

    It may not always be easy and I may need gentle reminders to help guide me in moments of weakness. But I'm ready to put things in perspective and am dedicated to staying focused on my role in this story of ours.

    No matter what the obstacles, I'm determined to be the hero of my own story. I'm engaged but still in love with an old flame, but that doesn't mean those feelings have to burn forever.

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