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    Olivia Sanders

    Does She Like Me?

    Dear eNotAlone: My name is David, and I recently ran into an old friend of mine at the mall while she was out shopping with her friends. We hadn't seen each other in months, and when we chatted she certainly seemed happy to see me. She was outgoing, very animated, and she touched me on the arm a few times when talking. She even lingered after saying goodbye, which had me wondering if she might like me.

    I'm pretty sure this girl isn't just being friendly. I've been thinking about her non-stop since our reunion, and sometimes my body gets really warm when I reminisce about her. But then again maybe I'm just reading too much into the situation and she really isn't interested? I'm starting to feel really confused about how I should proceed. Do I ask her out, or just remain friends? Do I call or text her? Does she like me or not? I need some advice on how to read the signs and make the right move.

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    David, it sounds like overthinking the situation won't get you very far. Instead of allowing your thoughts to spiral, I recommend putting yourself in her shoes. How would she feel if you asked her out or started communicating with her more often? This can help you identify what kind of signals she might be sending you. If she responded positively in the mall, for example, it may mean that she enjoys spending time with you and would be open to taking the connection further.

    If you want to take action, but not pressure her into anything, try initiating a casual conversation over text. This way, you can gauge how she reacts and determine whether there's mutual attraction. If she responds positively or makes an effort to keep it going, it likely means that she's interested and would be receptive to a more involved conversation – in person or otherwise.

    But if she doesn't seem interested in continuing the back-and-forth, take this as an indication that she may not be looking for anything serious at this time. This could be difficult to accept, but it's ultimately better than assuming she wants something she might not. Don't forget that some relationships aren't meant to progress while other connections are worth holding onto. The best thing to do is to be honest with yourself and mindfully assess the situation. This is the only way to prevent any confusion and ensure you're making the right call. Good luck!

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