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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Diving Into Friendship: How Finding Connections Can Help Alleviate Loneliness

    Being alone in this world is a heavy burden to carry. We often feel like we are being pushed aside, with no one to turn to when loneliness sets in. Such feelings of loneliness and isolation can be emotionally draining and lead to depression. Yet, there is hope. Seeking friendship at a church, synagogue, or nonprofit group can provide solace in times of need.

    No one should ever have to face the darkness of solitude on their own. Joining a congregation or attending weekly meetings can bring a sense reassurance and comfort. Such organizations can provide a space to fit in and find hope in connecting with others. Conversations with friends in close settings can be healing and invigorating. You can learn so much from another individual’s life while learning that you are not alone as they too have likely experienced similar hardships.

    In addition to friendships and conversations, churches, synagogues, or nonprofits may provide services like food banks or thrift stores—a valuable resource to many who don’t have much to spare. There may also be offer crisis centers or temporary housing for those seeking shelter. It goes beyond just support too. These types of organizations can offer workshops and classes on topics such as job training, debt management, and parenting advice. Counseling services are available as well.

    The beautiful thing about these places is that no matter who you are, you will always find an opening to connect with fellow spiritual bonders. When it comes to feeling alone, friendships can make a world of difference. It can be hard to reach out to folks if we feel embarrassed or ashamed but gaining your personal strength will allow you to look past any type of imposed barriers. You can discover a supportive community that will come forward with faith, hope and positive energy.

    Connecting with a group can help to alleviate the distress brought on by feelings of isolation, making it easier to cope with whatever lies ahead. While under the loving care of friends and mentors we can begin to restore and reconstruct our mental and emotional health. Eventually we might even be able to free ourselves from our own personal prisons, rebuilding our souls and reclaiming the ability to live life freely with a newfound sense of peace.

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