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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Dance Through the Intersection of Love and Friendship

    Every day we encounter a variety of intersections in our lives--some may be straightforward, clearly defined by laws, public opinion, or simple human decency. Other crossroads can appear unclear, filled with potential confusion, depth and emotion. When a person desires to pursue a relationship with someone who is involved with another individual, the rules are often not clearly outlined.

    The dilemma of navigating the intersection of love and friendship can be a difficult one indeed. The person cut from this cloth may feel isolated, wondering if an attempt to continue forward will leave them stranded amidst contradictory feelings and expectations. When it comes to loving someone who already has a partner, the situation can become even more complicated.

    Situations such as this can carry the tremendous power to affect our hearts and minds, often forcing us to confront inner truth that we may have long been uncomfortable facing. The experience of watching someone we care for desire the attention of another can often force us to confront the hidden cracks within our own facade of confidence and security. Though these situations can confuse us to no end and break our hearts into a thousand pieces, there remains a certain purity in our human nature that makes them both challenging and rewarding.

    In matters of the heart, emotions can run rampant, tainted heavily by feelings of guilt that linger in the air like a steady fog. It is easy to tell ourselves “No” in a concrete cut mentality, defend our honor and morals in a stoic resolution. Nonetheless, we confront a heavy trust in the heart when searching for any type of confirmation. We must remember that each individual is entitled to their own answers, the right to make their own decisions, and the comfort to move through the mysteries of the universe however they so choose.

    If we go further, we find that no singular decision or path of thought is ‘right’. As humans, it is our great privilege to be able to interpret our emotions and circumstances as we see fit, without too much sensational noise. No matter the form—whether we decide to move forward in pursuit, stand firm in our silence, or choose otherwise—the viable options remain buried at the depths of our own understanding.

    The roles which we assume—friendship, lover, confidante, companion—are meant to guide us toward the answers that our souls crave, the truths that can remain hidden for years, and the notions of growth a spirit might demand. Despite the confusing conflicts that may come in love's wake, hope should circle us in an unrelenting hunt. For it is our right—no, our duty—to seek and keep whatever opportunities our heart desires, even if they have already discovered someone else.

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