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    Matthew Frank

    Conversations Every Couple Needs To Have

    Living with another person can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The beauty and specialness of two people joyfully sharing a life together is incomparable. But at the same time, it presents unique challenges, often requiring us to learn how to navigate our way through difficult conversations and topics. For those who are in a relationship, share a living space or other type of long-term commitment, there are certain conversations that every couple needs to have.

    Let's start off with the big one. Money and financial stability is something that's important to discuss in any relationship. Doing so will allow you to most effectively collaborate on money decisions while also giving you both a clear picture of your current financial state and future prospects. Get real with yourselves and open up about any financial worries you both may have. In addition, come up with some strategies for financial growth – both as individuals and as a team.

    Another conversation that must be had is about careers and what each partner wants out of themselves professionally. It's also beneficial to talk about how you can best support one another's professional goals and ambitions. Think about what sacrifices may need to be taken on both sides to ensure one another's success – this could mean postponing a dream job opportunity or reallocating resources to provide opportunity and growth. However, these decisions need to be made together in order to make sure everyone is on board and happy with the plan.

    A difficult topic that couples must eventually face is parenting. Of course, child-rearing isn't something all couples will encounter, but for those that do, it's essential to have hard conversations about anticipatory expectations. From discussing which religious practices you may adhere to, to building trustful relationships with extended family, those embarking on parenting will want to make sure they are both on the same page going into such a monumental experience.

    Next on the list is making sure you discuss your family obligations in an honest and supported way. Whether this means forming an agreement around trip frequency or simply understanding how these ties play into the relationship dynamic, talking through essential obligations can help create a positive family environment down the line.

    When it comes to planning for the future, couples may need to discuss aspects like when they should take vacation and how they will plan for it, or how they will save for big-ticket items like cars or home improvements. Deciding on budgeting strategies before starting a new goal can help alleviate stress later on.

    Having conversations period should never be avoided – no matter how challenging they may seem. Make sure you don't forget to touch base on physical health matters, such as diet and exercise regimens, as well as mental health topics like stress management and any underlying emotional blocks that need healing and self-care regimes. Allowing yourself time and space for high-quality conversations about these pieces can allow for more intimate understanding and bonding experiences.

    Of course, it's also critical for couples to share their thoughts and ideas surrounding spiritual beliefs and social justice. Reflecting on qualities such as personal responsibility, interpersonal skills, racial inclusion and gender harmony are all necessary conversations for individuals looking to build meaningful partnerships.

    And finally, communication should be ongoing throughout all of this discussion! Remember: putting forth effort and being open with one another is essential in preserving each other's feelings while still finding (to the best of your ability) what works best for the partnership overall. Keeping your ears open and allowing yourselves vulnerability will ultimately lead to greater success in your respective commitments to one another.

    These conversations may not all come up naturally in a relationship –– especially during the honeymoon phase –– but we must remember that dialogue is essential for connection. Every couple deserves present commitment and introspection that can help build a strong relationship for the long haul. If you make time for these thought-provoking discussions early on, your relationship is sure to benefit down the line.

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