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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Colliding Fates?

    Mary felt trapped in a cycle of hopefulness, only for it to be crushed again and again. Each time her boyfriend promised her an engagement, he would quickly leave her dangling with no end in sight. She had been so close to finding out if he was truly ready for commitment. That is, until he left her two months ago, causing Mary's heart to lighten from its heavy burden.

    Just when Mary was about to accept a life without him, the impossible happened. Fate decided to gift and test her simultaneously; On the night of an unexpected full moon, her ex-boyfriend showed up on her doorstep, a ring in hand. After being thrown off guard by his sudden return and proposed marriage, she could only stare at him with disbelief. Torn between conflicting emotions, Mary tried to make sense of the tangled web of fate.

    Years of unrequited hope blasted through her line of thought, flooding her brain with contradictory feelings; should she be relieved or suspicious? Was the ring truly a sign of his love or a symbol of his guilt?

    A part of her wanted to cling to his promise and say yes immediately. The thought of pink dresses, white flowers and loud music tugged at her heartstrings. But, Mary also knew that a commitment as serious as marriage shouldn't be taken lightly. She was tired of hoping every single time he showed up.

    Hesitating a little, she diverted her gaze and gave him a chance to explain. While he began to retell the missing two months of his absence, Mary finally realised that the key to a fulfilling commitment was trust. She had to believe in his honesty and accept her own worthiness first.

    In the end, Mary decided to take the risk. Although wary, she could feel the beating of change's wings against her heart. It felt like the start of a new journey, slowly lifting the fog of uncertainly. Ready to embrace both joys and trials, she accepted his proposal.

    As they exchanged rings, locked hands, and shared their first married kiss, long-shattered parts of Mary's heart slowly began to mend. From then on, every day was filled with a new kind of promise; A pledge that allowed her to trust and love without restrictions.

    Life eventually returned to her doorsteps, bringing new hopes and memories. Even though Mary never thought she'd find the courage to take such a leap, it all worked out in the end. Allowing fate to take control and mold them together was the best decision she had ever made.

    From that day forward, fate became something that could no longer be feared by her. After all, love allowed their paths to collide, stories to combine and dreams to happily intertwine.

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