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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    College-Educated Black Singles Reject the Unattainable

    Black singles with college education have increasingly embraced a life unencumbered by marriage. This trend contradicts an antiquated notion that all persons — regardless of race or gender — must strive for marital bliss or risk a fate worse than death. The new generations of black college-educated individuals, however, reject such outmoded requirements as they endeavor to define their own choice in life–one in which singlehood and contentment can cohabitate without being in stark conflict.

    It is impossible to ignore the cultural and social shifts playing an integral part in this move away from marriage's once-imperative status. As women more and more enter the professional world, shattering glass ceilings and laying down tracks for others to follow, the awe-inspiring commitment needed for career success provides a challenge not only too time consuming but, quite often, incompatible with traditional family dynamics. On the other side of this same coin lies the fact that men now frequently play the role of househusband while their spouses achieve the desired job and wage status.

    In addition, one must consider the economic prowess of today's black college educated single person as they evolve into in-demand breadwinners without any prior obligations or encumbrances - leaving them emotionally liberated and financially independent. No longer do they feel obligated to follow society's strict directives to marry based upon a feeling of privilege or obligation; instead, they can live as they wish and focus on professional aspirations all the while flying free from any sort of boundaried structure. This liberty has enabled a growing demographic of young African Americans to buck venerable conventions of traditionally structured life instead opting for rewarding, meaningful lives outside of committed relationships - all on their own terms, regardless of anyone else's opinion.

    The idea that marriage is a necessary way to validate one's success or create a complete existence has been jettisoned for young African Americans who make life decisions entirely autonomous from societal pressures. The preoccupation with marriage as a signifier of one's personal worth has clearly diminished among this particular segment of the population while immigration patterns continue to interweave unique experiences into modern American life.

    Moreover, marriage simply may not be considered attainable for single black individuals with college degrees-- especially when money and upward mobility remain at the crux of matrimony's significance. As weddings transform into ever more extravagant displays it becomes harder for many financially relegated folks to participate in the modern nuptials parade setting off considerable frustration and disappointment. All these considerations attribute heavily to the increasing prevalence of unencumbered status among African Americans who opt against traditional expectations and deny significant reliance upon such outdated symbols of success as marriage.

    Glittery rings, picturesque ceremonies and enviable honeymoons can no longer compare with the awe-struck marvel of college graduation - achieved almost singlehanded by a diverse throng of disillusioned youth who desire so acutely to change their respective fortunes. This prospects for endowments within oneself far outshines the attractiveness afforded by spousal bliss -- conveying a picture of fulfillment that only those lacking external influence could properly understand. Those black singles with college educations then attempt to extend these transforming boundaries beyond their courses of study – embracing a more substantive independence in its wake – an independence from archaic obligations that predict unending suffering in their absences.

    College-educated black singles thus turn away from the demands of matrimony without apology or fear – refusing to settle for anything less than what they envision for their own slice of nirvana. Proudly they step away from generational defaults and refuse to yield to pressures that cling hideously to a bygone age – reclaiming their singular destinies just as legions before them have done with progressive ferocity. Free from stigma or preconceived prejudice they comfortably hum their way through life sans chains or smothering burdens – nearly finding amusement in the idea that lifelong partnership remains secondary to self-fulfillment.

    Black singles with college education are choosing more emphatically each day to throw off heavy yokes inscribed with predictions from already faded eras. Liberated from false promises, they drive quickly towards a fresh horizon embraced only by those brave enough to cast aside former standards, believing deeply in the opportunities still bubbling beneath seemingly endless mazes and pools of disappointment. Here life takes on different colors and textures as marriage lies calmly at rest distant from inexperienced feet–allowing them instead a path made only by their own making, one sewn custom for every distinctive pleasure that salutes personal autonomy and celebrates self-sovereignty above all else.

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