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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Building Bridges: Healing and Trusting after a Mother’s Wounds

    The relationship between a mother and her child can be one of the most powerful bonds in the world. Unfortunately, a mother's wounds can cause a deep scar that can damage the relationship as well as future relationships with other women. Many times it is not just the physical wounds that lay dormant but emotional wounds that take much longer to heal or even come to light at all. When a woman is born into this world with a wounded mother, she carries many unseen scars throughout her life, both in her own interpersonal relationships and those with the female gender.

    It can be difficult to understand how damaging a mother-daughter relationship can be. Oftentimes, a woman will grow up witnessing her mother’s emotional instability caused by a series of emotional wounds caused by toxic or traumatic experiences. This can lead to feelings of distrust, insecurity, and confusion that make it hard for the daughter to build positive, trusting relationships with other women. This feeling of distrust and anxiety often follows the daughter into adulthood, where it can continue to hold her back from forming meaningful relationships with other women.

    Despite being dealt a tough hand, it is possible for a woman with a prominent mother wound to learn to build bridges of trust with other women. While it may not be easy, there are steps she can take to rebuild her confidence and create a safe environment in which she can open up again. First and foremost, she must recognize the feelings of helplessness or abandonment that led to the mistrust. Only then can she start to take ownership of her emotions, allowing her to move towards creating bonds with other females.

    Developing healthy relationships with other women does not mean having to forget the past. On the contrary, it is a process of learning to effectively manage one’s emotions and developing an understanding of oneself. This process might involve working through any trauma or unresolved emotions, talking about what happened, looking for role models, seeking professional help, and trusting in God to help you through the tough times. It also involves building boundaries and committing to self-care. Taking time for yourself to rest, reflect, and practice self-awareness can help a woman navigate her feelings with greater clarity and wisdom.

    Perhaps the greatest act of self-care a women with a prominent mother wound can give herself is the gift of loving kindness. Women are strong, with the capacity to forgive and find peace, despite being dealt a hard blow. In fact, kindness and compassion are often the antidote to many of life’s chaotic challenges. The power of love is a remarkable and transformative force that can help a woman heal and mend old wounds. Understanding and forgiving one’s mother can helps to restore trust, allowing her to connect more deeply with the female gender and begin to form meaningful relationships.

    Every woman is worthy of love, compassion, and understanding - no matter the circumstances that arose early in life. By taking the time to sit and reflect on her wounds and the impact it has had on her present-day relationships, a woman who carries prominent mother wounds can start to move towards embracing vulnerability and creating intimate connections with other women.

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