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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Am I In Love?

    Dear eNotAlone: I met this amazing girl at work; we share the same passion for fashion, we enjoy the same things and always find ourselves laughing away. We went out a few times and had the best time together; effortless conversation, loads of fun and smiles all around. I knew it was more than just a friendship developing, it felt like something else going on. I think deep down I knew she offered something that I had been yearning for. But I am so confused now, I'm not sure… am I really in love?

    * * *

    It sounds like you may be feeling butterflies when around this girl; it is a very common feeling when in love. Love can bring about a lot of different emotions and it's definitely a confusing one! There's no one answer that will determine whether or not you are necessarily in love but there are some signs that can help lead you to your answer.

    First, analyze how you feel around the girl. It's natural in any relationship to have disagreements or misunderstandings, however, if you both are able to talk these things through and come to an understanding and still have a loving connection afterwards – that could be a sign of love. Also, if you are thinking about her a lot and anxiously awaiting when you will get to see each other again, that is another sign that you could be in love.

    A great next step would be to spend more quality time with her. Communication and vulnerability are key in relationships and the more open you are with each other, the more possible it is that love is blossoming. Another good way to test your feelings is to try doing something new. Anything from exploring a new side of town that you both haven't seen to trying a new food, taking a dance class, or learning a new skill together can really show how strong the bond and connection between two people can be – regardless of what kind of stage of the relationship you are in.

    Remember, it takes time to understand and recognize love; don't rush it! Spend quality time and keep yourself open, then observe the feelings and thoughts that arise when in her company. You will eventually come to recognize if this is a blossoming romantic love or something else. Regardless, enjoy the journey and remember that whatever happens – it'll be precious.

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