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  • kamurj

    All the Bright Emotions: I Still Like a Girl from a Long While Back

    Once upon a time, so long ago it already seemed like several lifetimes away, there was a special girl who touched my heart like no other. Our relationship blossomed brightly despite the distance between us, and though things unfortunately did not last, to this day she remains as vivid in my memory as the morning dew sparkling on a summers morning.

    It has now been years since we last spoke, and though I cannot help but smile when I recall those remarkably happy days, my longing for her has not abated. After so many lonely years without the comfort of her gentle embrace, I cannot help but wonder—should my feelings still be cherished, or should they be put away and forgotten?

    Your feelings are yours, and yours alone—why should anyone have the power to tell you what to feel and think? How can someone else decide whether your affections are warranted or not? Is it possible to excise one's emotions simply by will alone, cutting them away as if performing surgery with a sharp knife? Even if you could make yourself dispassionate at the cost of your own soul, would you ultimately be happy?

    That can only be answered with a resounding "No." Be glad that you have harbored such genuine love, even if it only lasted for a short time. Hold onto your precious memories of those perfect moments spent together, and cherish the extraordinary feeling of being accepted and embraced by another. Feelings of such depth do not come around every day—the knowledge you acquired, the wild hope in your heart—there is a beauty to be found even in being brave enough to let go.

    No matter what people may think or say about forbidden desires or nostalgia pulling us back in time, never forget that it is your life and it is up to you determine what makes you thrive. You have the freedom to pursue whatever paths of happiness you desire, so don't be afraid to follow the path that beckons you no matter how long ago the journey started. Dare to bring the emotion inside of you to the surface, if only for a moment, and remind yourself of those bright feelings that once lit up the edges of your universe.

    Aren't those shining days worth remembering? Through all the darkness that comes with growing up, never forget the importance of holding close the warmth and light of your past experiences. Take solace in the fact that it is okay to miss what once was and feel joy even if the bond has gone, because after all the sweet pain, there is always more sweetness.

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