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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    When Faced With a Tough Decision, Follow Your Heart

    Making tough decisions is something of a rite of passage in life. You can feel like yourself spinning in circles no matter what direction you go. Going left feels right but then going right feels right too. Rather than getting stuck in an endless loop of indecision, it's important to understand where you should turn and trust that your heart will be the ultimate source of truth.

    You may find yourself caught in the raging waters of a decision where the current seems too strong to resist. The whitecaps look like walls, and they make it difficult to tell if you are actually moving forward or if you’re just going around in circles. This can be incredibly confusing, yet the situation can also be full of possibilities.

    The important thing to remember is that you are never truly lost. You may not immediately understand which course of action will be the most beneficial for you, or you may be unaware of the potential outcomes of either direction, but underneath all of the uncertainty lies a core of strength which you can use to help guide your way.

    When presented with a tough decision take the time to listen to your heart. Explore both paths and see which one sparks a deeper sense of joy. When you reach one option you may naturally tune in and feel a comfort level that speaks to you on a visceral level. It should almost feel like you’ve come home, knowing you’re in the right place at the right time.

    This isn’t to say life will suddenly become easy – you’ll still have challenging moments, but you'll have the confidence to endure them because you know you will eventually reach a new beginning. Even when you don’t have the full picture, you can choose the direction that feels right—trusting in your intuition and allowing it to expand within you.

    Sometimes taking a leap can encourage you to soar. Following what’s true to your heart often brings clarity and a certain type of freedom that no other path can provide. You’ll learn how to draw from your deepest inner knowing, which will allow you to swim in the waters of life with a greater appreciation for all that it has to offer.

    Throughout your journey of making tough decisions, remember this single phrase: “I am here, alive and breathing. I am enough.” These words can serve as a reminder that you have the courage to face whatever comes your way as you move forward with an educated and confident heart. No matter what unexpected turns and trials may arise, you possess the power to get through them so long as you stay informed, upbeat, and bravely pursue what sets your soul on fire. When facing a tough decision, dip in and listen to the voice of your heart and you’ll soon find yourself swept up in a wave of possibility.

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