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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    When a Neighbor Crosses the Line: How to Protect Yourself from Harassment

    The eerie darkness of the night had long lingered and set in; a time when most are engulfed within slumber and comfort, I was tangled between fear, worry and confusion. My neighbor of whom I had gained daily small talk with and exchanged pleasantries, now crossed the line of respectability by lurking outdoors my home and taking pictures.

    What could have caused such vindictive behavior in a wayward individual? Even more perplexing, what recourse should I take to protect myself and my family from such an infraction? Clearly, something wrong was afoot and it needed to be stopped before it gains further momentum. I remember the voice and sight of my neighbor as if he was still standing outside. His menacing tone hidden behind a friendly facade and his face obscured by the hair around it. He was a stern looking fellow who kept to himself. If he was displeased his barked words had everyone in the area cowering.

    My best option in this situation was to act cautiously and address the issue head-on. To start, I called the police and reported the incident. This created a paper trail of evidence that would lend to further leverage in case harassment escalated to another level. I followed this action up with a direct confrontation with my neighbor. Although it did cost me a portion of my pride, I eventually got my point across which resulted in him backing off and ceasing the intrusive behavior. It is not always easy to address situations like mine with neighbors or anyone we may come into contact with. It can difficult to put yourself out there and risk confrontation. Despite this, it is necessary to protect ourselves, our family and our personal space. No one has the right to violate or enter your home or property without written or verbal permission.

    Nobody should ever experience a similar situation to what I encountered - being violated and feeling unsafe in their own home. It takes courage to confront harassers and keep oneself safe; however, it is a viable step to take in these scenarios. Police intervention should also be made aware of any peculiar behavior, as well as reporting incidents to local authorities. I was able to handle the situation with grace, poise and courage. Despite the violation to my personal safety, I was confident enough to face the situation and remain calm. As much as possible, it's best to think clearly and react rationally when you know something is amiss. There is always a nonviolent way to approach harassment and ensure your personal security.

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