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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Unveiling the Real You: Understanding the Enneagram Test to Unearth Your Personality

    From human psychotherapy to business management, the Enneagram test has recently been embedded in different spheres as a mechanism of understanding human behavior on a much deeper level than any preceding practices. As more people are getting familiarized with what the test entails behind it, its popularity is skyrocketing, even amongst those who don’t have any professional inclination towards understanding the intricacies of human psyche.

    In fact, in most organizational environments, it has become a norm for new entrants and supervisors alike, to be subject to a rigorous ‘enneagram analysis’. Such is the obsession of many that it supersedes any other personality classification system such as Myers-Briggs, Belbin etc. What makes this concept so appealing?

    As its hypothesis states, the enneagram is a system that consists of nine distinct types of personalities or potential strengths. By taking the test and understanding which type you belong to, you are supposedly able to comprehend which weaknesses you may posses and what opportunities may appeal to you. Those who take the test are categorized, at a macro level, into either ‘Achievers’ or ‘Enthusiasts.’

    At first glance, these two terms appear quite self-explanatory, but to delve a little deeper, what lies beneath the labels? Achievers are those who find satisfaction and substance in determination, productivity and perseverance. They rely on being ahead of the curve at all times and are known for their sheer effort and diligence. On the other hand, enthusiasts are sparrows of the same feather but opposite field. They are the ones that thrive in the unknown and ever-shifting grounds of unstable situations and charm. Enthusiasts feed off passion and exhilaration, but at the same time they may flounder when reeled in and shackled by too many rules or boundaries. No doubt both have their faults and hierarchies to juggle.

    This is exactly why this sweeping phenomenon of the ‘Enneagram Test’ has sparked so much pandemonium. It helps ascertain what one values–be it structure (an advocate of anything ‘Achievers’) or unpredictability (a votary of ‘Enthusiasts’). Once an awareness of your leaning is developed, you can start building upon that. Not only that, you can also better appreciate other people’s strengths and weaknesses according to their own unique mold.

    The ‘Enneagram Test’ helps restructure how individuals evaluate themselves and others - ultimately contributing to a better overall understanding of humanity. It is realigning the manner in which we perceive our capabilities and unearthing the pinnacle of our ambition and acumen. The question then comes back to you – Are you an ‘Achiever’ or an ‘Enthusiast’? Whatever it may be, understanding which one you are gives room to plenty of opportunity for personal growth.

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