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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Time To Move On - A Difficult But Necessary Step For Personal Growth

    It is an unenviable place to be, especially when it is all seems so new. Feeling lost, feeling disillusioned and disheartened, with no real clarity of where to go next. You have done all you can to make your current situation work, to make x happen or to fix the relationship you are in, yet nothing has changed and you cannot seem to find a solution to the problems at hand. Perhaps it is time for you to move on.

    There could be many reasons why things did not work out the way you wanted, perhaps you invested too much of yourself in something that was not meant to be, maybe you opened yourself up to a life that should have been left alone. Whatever it is, if the situation is beyond what can be salvaged, then it is only fair to yourself that you let go and move on to explore other possibilities.

    You could try to cling on to whatever has not worked out, hoping that eventually it will turn around and be something you can use or draw happiness from. Even if that would work in one way or another, that in itself is not real growth. Perhaps by trying to continue to do the same thing, you will remain stuck in the same place and not be able to experience true contentment.

    Therefore, letting go of this situation can be viewed as a necessary step in order to take the important plunge into personal growth. It is a step that requires immense courage and often involves leaving your comfort zone. This applies to many different aspects of life, be it a relationship, a business, a job etc., if it is not serving you and it needs to be released in order for you to make sensible and reflecting choices.

    One key point to remember at this moment is that things rarely become more difficult for us for no purpose. If a situation has become too hard for us to carry, usually it means that the time has come to move onto the next challenge or experience. It can be easy during such times to become fearful, scared and overwhelmed, however, understand that it is quite normal.

    This may very well be a scary prospect, the idea of releasing what you are used to and beginning again is enough to bring on anxiety and worry. What matters most is not how quickly you settle back into life, but rather how much you grow during the process.

    Personal growth is always bigger than any one particular situation, and taking this step in embracing life changes is perhaps one of the best methods of expanding your overall views, life skills and experiences. It serves as a reminder that although we are not always in complete control of what happens in our lives, we can always be responsible for the way we respond to it.

    Letting go of some parts of life can be a difficult and painful process however, it is a valuable tool in helping you study, see and learn more about yourself and your capabilities. Taking the conscious decision to move on is ok, and it does not discriminate between right and wrong. When done with good intent, it may possibly lead you to far better paths than you had imagined, making it worth all the effort and courage you invest.

    Your situation may be tough, but think of this an opportunity to expand your learning, skills and self-knowledge. Make your steps into personal growth calculated and steady, and embrace the inevitability of reaping the gains in the future that comes with moving on.

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