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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    The Dancing Thoughts

    Your mind is like a never-ending dance of thought. There are so many potentials when it comes to the power that lies within your head. We often overlook our mind's utter complexity and the untold possibilities of its capabilities. It is said that the average American adult knows about 46,000 words, and from this it can be concluded that the number of potential thoughts that you have in your head is quite extraordinary. How many thoughts do have in your head? The answer is at least four sextillion. That's enough to make your head spin!

    But here's the thing. All these thoughts are merely potential. We are far from using our full mental capability or even exploring the possibility of them. It's like when a parent sends their child off to college - they know that the child has the potential to achieve great things, but they know it will be some time until it is realized.

    The thoughts that ARE in your head can be likened to an orchestra of notes, playing just the right tune. Each one is a complex set of ideas, with each instrument playing a role in creating sound out of silence. Yet this harmony is really only heard by the musician themselves as they journey through life. Though we may not be able to listen in on the symphony of thoughts, that doesn't mean that we can't participate.

    There are some simple steps that we can take to begin taking advantage of our mental resources. Firstly, start small. Take time to understand the words that you already know. Learn at least one new word every day and use it in conversation. This will help to expand your vocabulary, which in turn will allow for more creative and unique thoughts to come through.

    Secondly, write down your thoughts. Whether it be in a journal, on a blog, or simply in a notebook. Taking the time to organize and jot down your thoughts can help you to recall them more clearly when you need them most. This can also help to keep track of any ideas or epiphanies that come up, allowing you to delve into them further or come back to them at a later date.

    Thirdly, break away from the norm. Step out of your comfort zone and explore new perspectives or unfamiliar areas. Taking a step away from the familiar can help open the flood gates of thought, creating opportunities to expand your mind and create new ideas.

    Get lost. Allow yourself to wander, without Google naviagation! Get lost in a book, explore a new city, get lost in your own imagination. These are all ways that can help you hone in on those dancing thoughts and make use of the vast potential of your mind.

    The immense power that lies within us is worth exploring. Breaking away from the norm, taking time to expand on what we already know and getting lost are all ways that we can tap into the abundance of thoughts our mind can offer us. The possibilities are endless, so why not start to use the potentials of your own thought process and see how many thoughts are in your head.

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