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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Risk: Achieving the Best Possibilities for Your Life

    Life is filled with risk. We take them when we open our doors each morning, from deciding what to wear to what career path to choose. Understanding these risks and discovering our potential benefits uncovered through taking a risk is anything but simple math. How do we as individuals determine which risks are worth it and which one result in us getting burned?

    The central theme of risk assesses the ability to look at a given situation and balance the odds of success versus failure. Each decision demands an analysis of the facts relevant to the situation. In the real world, the gates of perception can be blurry, with the absolute assurance of getting the right outcome hidden by a thick fog of uncertainty.

    This abstract notion of analyzing risk teaches us to 'understand before we act'. It can be transformative, empowering us to strive to reach our best potential rather than settle for complacency or mediocrity. It takes insight and confidence, along with a fortitude not found in many walks of life. But this kind of courage, born out of an honest assessment about what one wants and what one needs, can offer amazing benefits if done properly.

    Powerful emotions--fear, anxiety, even excitement--can be mobilized and put to work in times of risk-taking. Metaphorically interpreting these feelings can allow us to better understand the forces of attraction and repulsion. Such affirmations guide us in assessing and understanding our choices.

    It's important to remember that taking risks is always a gamble; it's part of what makes it so thrilling and sometimes so frightening. However, by examining how risks align with individual goals and vision, the chances for a successful outcome are greatly improved. This process opens a doorway for your imagination and excitement to enter into where success and wealth await you on a mountain peak on the other side of risk.

    Risk, in all its forms, brings possibility. With that, comes the need for responsibility--actualizing our dreams and reaching our true potential requires being mindful of why we take risks and whether they lead us closer to the outcomes we ultimately desire. Let your intuition be your guide as you explore both the triumphs and pitfalls that are part of embracing risk and embarking on the imminent journey.

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