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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    New Resolution for a Better Life

    Have you ever felt the monotony of life and wished for a change but couldn't decide what to do first? The feeling can be overwhelming, like constantly running in place begging for a different road to traverse. The question remains, what should one do next? How can I possibly make a difference in my life without ruining things more than they already are? These are valid questions that even require professional guidance.

    Just like the saying goes, ‘the only way out is through’. Adopting new resolutions will help guide you in the right direction towards living a better and more satisfying life. Although not all resolutions will succeed, taking action to make these necessary changes will give you the chance to become a new and improved version of yourself.

    Figuring out which resolutions should be tackled first requires a certain level of conscious mapping. Where do you see yourself in the near and distant future? Make no mistake about it, mental visualization is key when forming new goals for yourself. First, try to come up with personal drive, something that will encourage you to push through even on days where motivation is lacking.

    Then, comes personal responsibility. If all goes according to plan, then your resolutions will require emotion pleas and organization. Being accountable for your actions and accepting defeat when necessary is the pathway to success. Some people may choose to take on too much at once, just remember that progress can be slowed if too many tasks are undertaken simultaneously. It must be done, the dreaded D-word. Consistency is key when making commitments to oneself, although major upheavals can produce comfort outside of our usual routines, bad habits lie in the waiting. Establishing realistic goals as well as little benefits along the way will keep us motivated when we think of giving up.

    Making resolutions often leads to worry, feeling overwhelmed, and a lack of confidence later on. It can be hard to focus on the present while concurrently pre-planning the future. A simple yet rewarding resolution could be to do something different every day, that way the strain on success is lessened, and the feeling of exhilaration to continue working on new goals is heightened. Regardless of your fears or hesitations, mustering the courage to make a decision, then following through is the ultimate goal. Change can be daunting, yet planting the seeds of a better life can be an immensely fulfilling experience. Remember, you’re capable of leading a more meaningful life, and it begins with a single choice.

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