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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Love – Not All Mistakes We Make Last Forever

    We enter our 30s hopeful that we’re well on the way to leading our best lives, until we make the first of many mistakes along the way. But in our 30s we have the power of resume; we build a troupe of mentors that have a special brand of wisdom and life experience, though sometimes this knowledge is hard-learned. Here’s a by-no-means exhaustive list of some of the mistakes you may have made, but never make again.

    In Relationships

    When it comes to relationships, our 30s can be full of tricky dynamics, from navigating break-ups and divorces to starting families. Having worked hard to achieve a good career and financial stability, many hopes for romantic love lead us to the wrong people or places in our search for happiness. And while there’s always something salutary in learning from our own mistakes, what really matters is getting the lesson and living our best lives without repeating them.

    One mistake often made is staying too long in an unhealthy relationship. You may feel you’re too deep in, or you can see yourself on the other end with a sense of regret and devastation if you leave. But there comes a point when staying only prolongs the inevitable unhappiness. Before leaving there are questions we should all ask ourselves: Do I feel valued, respected, listened-to, and appreciated? Does my partner bring out the best in me? Is there compromise and mutual respect? It’s no crime to stay in an unhappy situation for a time, but never feel guilty for knowing when to walk away and start anew.

    In Career

    As younger generations experience a more dynamic job market than ever before, the mistakes we can make in our careers can fence in our future ambitions and development opportunities. If you feel your work role is not giving your career the opportunity it needs and deserves, remember to always put your best foot forward, always plan for the worst, and be willing to take the new placements that come your way.

    One particular mistake often seen in the workplace and which should definitely be avoided is ‘underselling’ yourself. Whether you’re seeking a promotion or interviewing for a role, don’t let your assets remain undiscovered and invisible. Have faith in yourself and be prepared to speak up, to showcase your experience and to pursue further ambition if needed. Don’t be afraid to admit you might not have the skills or qualifications, but explain how you’re prepared and willing to go the extra mile and learn what you need to.

    In Money

    Money is the oil that greases the wheels of life but, unfortunately, it can also be the hindrance to important life-choices and goals. Not having enough of it may have led to making mistakes such as borrowing from the wrong people at the wrong time, taking out payday loans and blowing money you didn’t have on luxury items that weren’t necessary.

    The best way to avoid these mistakes is to start building emergency funds early on in your 30s. Start small; create a budget that accounts for both your income and expenses and allocate what you can afford to save. make sure you understand credit cards, their interest rates and how they will impact you. That includes shopping around or engineering points systems to your advantage. Bank online calculators will help you make the right decisions and guide you when you decide to apply for one.

    Let past mistakes be lessons, not curses.

    Our 30s are a decade of personal growth and development. While mistakes can allow us to recognize our potential, it’s the lessons learned that really make the difference. As we move into adulthood, we should remember to appreciate our past and be kind to ourselves. Acknowledge what you’ve gained and how much stronger you’ve become, especially after making mistakes that weren’t easy to navigate. Always have faith and carry the lessons with you until you find your better self.

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