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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Learning to Own Your Power: Why Girls Are Looking at You and How to Respond?

    It is human nature to be curious. We are constantly observing and taking in our environment, which allows us to learn, grow, and make sense of the world around us. Unfortunately, this curiosity can often lead to feelings of discomfort and insecurity when we find someone looking in our direction. It is understandable when the person looking is a stranger, however it can be even more unnerving when you notice someone of the same gender or age intently gazing at you. If a group of girls seems to be staring at you for an extended period of time, then it may be an important signal that your power is being noticed and it might be time to take action.

    No matter what the context of the situation, everyone should take comfort in knowing that any attention you receive, whether it be from people of the same gender or age, can be beneficial to your overall wellbeing. After all,we all have an aura about us, usually a combination of our outlook on life, our demeanor, our goals and hopes for the future, and other qualities that make us unique — our personal power.

    It is natural to want to blend into the background, however, this technique may actually erode your power and send a signal to those around you that you possess less worth than they do. On the other hand, taking ownership of your power and letting it shine will let others know that you’re strong and confident and that you’re not afraid to express yourself authentically.

    This can be done in various ways, no matter where you encounter the attention. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of the situation and own your power when you can feel a group of girls looking in your direction:

    1. Don’t be intimidated. Although it can be easy to feel anxious in this type of situation, remembering that your power is being noticed is essential. When others note your accomplishments, goals and dreams, it can serve as a reminder of your self-worth and the beauty of having something to offer.

    2. Stand up for yourself. Standing up for yourself does not mean that you have to pick a fight; rather, it means to be confident and unapologetic in asserting yourself both verbally and non-verbally. Walking tall and projecting authority can be enough to shut down any attempt at intimidation.

    3. Show kindness. Being kind doesn’t imply weakness; in fact, it shows how effective you are in dealing with difficult situations in a calm and collected manner. People may expect you to react defensively when they try to trash-talk you or make derogatory comments about your character. Instead, be generous with your grace and composure, and due to this strength, others will be inspired to treat you better in the long run.

    4. Put things in perspective. Remember that not every girl who looks at you is out to harm you, and try to see the situation objectively. Other females may simply be admiring your outfit, hair, makeup, or body language; however, it can also help to recognize any patterns between when the stares begin and end to better understand why they’re looking at you.

    5. Confront the issue head-on. If it becomes apparent why the girls are gawking in your direction, it may be best to confront the issue head-on. This can be done in a number of different ways — through humor (e.g. casually joking that they’re probably jealous of your style), expressing your feelings (e.g. saying that you feel uncomfortable when people stare at you) or just walking away from the situation.

    Owning your power is a step towards achieving your personal growth. When you decide to stand up for yourself and recognize your worth, you will likely feel a much-needed weight lifted off your shoulders. Consistently practicing standing tall in the presence of others will allow you to become increasingly comfortable and secure in who you are.

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