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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    How To Make Peace With Regrets: Steps That Help Let Go

    Regrets are something we all face at one time or another. They can be hard to make peace with because they can be painful and heavy, making us feel weighed down. But by doing the inner work to make peace with our regrets, we can freely let them go and move forward with life. The following are some steps that have helped me make peace with my regrets.

    The first step is to recognize your regret and allow yourself to own it. Acknowledge whatever happened and take responsibility for it in an honest and reflective way. Do not try to ignore it or push it away as these strategies will only make it worse. Admitting our role in a regretful situation allows us to start healing and gaining agency over our lives.

    The second step is to pause and reflect on what happened. Ask yourself why this event happened, what beliefs contributed to this situation, and how it impacted you. With this in depth reflection, you can narrow down the source of the regret and understand how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

    The third step is to forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made and any hurt that was caused by yours or someone else's actions. Making peace starts with forgiving yourself. Without self-forgiveness, it is impossible to make peace with your regrets because you will always be burdened by the guilt or shame of your actions. This does not mean condoning what happened, but allowing yourself to forgive rather than wallow in regret.

    The fourth step is to focus on how far you've come since then. Looking back at your past mistakes can lead to discouragement and rumination. However, by focusing on all the progress that you have made, since experiencing the regretful event, it will help you realize how much strength and resilience you have gained since then.

    Next, practice gratitude and celebrate your wins. No matter how small, showing gratitude for the things that have gone right in your life will help give perspective and decreased the painful effects of regret. By celebrating your successes and focusing on the positive elements of life, it will strengthen your loving relationship with yourself and give you more faith in yourself that everything will eventually turn out ok.

    The sixth step is to learn from whatever experience you regret. Learning from our mistakes is an essential part of growing. Ask yourself what lessons this experience has taught you and apply that knowledge towards creating a better future for yourself.

    Practice kindness and compassion for others who may have also been involved in this difficult experience. Treating others kindly will not only relieve regretful feelings associated with the experience but also reduce anger and resentment. It may take some time, but surrounding yourself with unconditional love and acceptance is ultimately the most healing steps of all.

    Making peace with regrets can be difficult but through allowing yourself to reflect, forgive, practice gratitude and acceptance, learn from mistakes, and show kindness to those involved can be an effective way to finally let go of past baggage so that you can continue moving forward with life in a happy and healthy state.

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