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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    How to Hack Your Focus and Achieve CEO Levels of Success

    When achieving success to the level of CEO, dedicated focus is an essential part of the journey. Successful executives understand how to break from negative habits and take regular meaningful breaks in order to maximize their efficiency and productivity. In this article, readers learn how to tap into the same level of focus and intensity that makes a CEO successful.

    Breaking the cycle of negative habits is a key component of success at any level. Whether it’s spending too much time on Instagram, trying to multi-task, or becoming sidetracked by little details, successful CEOs recognize these behavior patterns and purposefully avoid them. Just like it takes practice for a musician to perfect a song, dedicated focus requires vigilant practice in order to master it.

    Once patterns of undesired behaviors have been identified, it is important to pause and take a break before getting back to work. Sure, bosses and colleagues may demand immediate attention and pressure to produce results; however, taking some time for yourself is an essential component of the job. Such breaks should be planful and purposeful; it could mean simply closing one’s eyes for five minutes, or it could mean going for a walk or grabbing a cup of coffee. It is important to remember that the quality of work is more important than the quantity.

    Beginning to tackle your tasks with energy and attention to detail also maximizes your efficiency. Something as simple as breaking down big projects into smaller chunks or setting weekly goals allows a level of accomplishment that feels encouraging. Rather than looking at massive goals that seem unattainable or noticing the negative aspects of progress made (or not made), focus on what has been done, no matter how small. For example, if a business proposal was written in its entirety but did not receive the desired outcome, analyzing what was successful will provide direction to optimize results in future endeavors.

    Making connections and networking is essential in business, and it is something that CEOs need to be aware of when determining daily activities. Developing relationships in your field, both within and outside of business, can open up all sorts of opportunities and provide invaluable insight into areas like marketing, mentorship, strategic development, and more. CEO-level focus means investing in relationships that strengthen you, your skills, and any projects that matter to you.

    It is critical to understand how to be successful without sacrificing family, health and overall well-being. Stressing over time management, labor intensity, and missed deadlines can lead to exhaustion and resentment, so it is important to prioritize exercises in healthy self-care. Taking even just 15 minutes each day to read a book, meditate, or listen to a podcast can preserve health and sustain motivation over extended periods of time. With the noise of the world, set realistic expectations as to what can be accomplished and push yourself to reach those goals every day.

    The key to achieving CEO-level focus lies in personal dedication, taking breaks, and staying mindful of one's mental and emotional state. By breaking negative habits, recognizing progress, and maintaining a relationship with peers and family, anyone at any level can reach the same level of success and satisfaction as the CEO.

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