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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    How Can You Break Through The Emptiness and Find Fulfillment?

    Emptiness. It’s a feeling every person can relate to, even if it doesn't quite have the same meaning for everyone. Sometimes emptied is a feeling of not having anything in your life that gives joy. Other times it feels like longing for something you can’t have or don’t understand. It’s an emotion that makes us want to look into our inner self and try to find answers.

    ‘What do I do from here? How can I find fulfillment when things are so grey and dull?’ These questions echoes through the minds of several individuals dealing with an “empty” feeling. So how does one start living life to its fullest and break through the emptiness for good? We’ve got some advice for you.

    One important thing you can do is to appreciate what you have right now. So often we neglect the present moment, focusing on the future and stressing over what’s to come. Taking a step back to reflect upon what’s going on in your life at the moment can help you find the motivation to move forwards. Start by asking yourself what has gone well recently, and what friends, family or even acquaintances have done for you that proves how much you’re cared for.

    Not only will appreciation of your current lifestyle forces you to gain perspective, it will also help prevent you from comparing your life to others. Don’t forget that everybody sees the world differently, so while they may seem like they’re living your dream life, they could be facing their own internal struggles you know nothing about.

    Take time out of your day to practice self-care too. Letting your life just glide past you will lead to further emptiness, treating yourself well is essential. Whether that’s making sure you get eight hours of sleep a night, or taking a break from your phone and computer, set aside some time daily to lead a healthier lifestyle. You should also take time to participate in activities you enjoy or connect with people you care about.

    Experiencing new environments can also help tremendously. It might sound scary, but getting out of your comfort zone is incredibly beneficial. Try exploring around your neighbourhood for a change, or even travels overseas. Exploring places and cultures you know nothing about can open up completely new avenues in your life and reveal possibilities you didn’t even know existed before, and with them, a new lease of life.

    In search for more fulfillment, you should consider rekindling an old hobby, or start a completely new one. Carefully think about the kind of ways you’d be able to better express what you need, like painting if you find writing difficult. Crafts and scribbles are a great way to channel your inner artist and give you a place to pour out all your feelings. The creativity can leave you feeling happier and a sense of accomplishment after each creation.

    It takes time and effort, but the small changes that you make can greatly improve the quality of your life. Don’t be afraid to take the leap into living your best life despite the feeling of emptiness you may have. With a bit of self-love and attention, you can beat the emptiness and discover the life that’s meant for you.

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