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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    How Can I Find Out What My True Passion and Purpose Are?

    Dear eNotAlone: I'm at a place in my life right now where I don't know which direction I should go. I feel confused and anxious all the time. I don't know what career I want, how to find my purpose, or if I can ever make any meaningful changes to my life. I'm so overwhelmed by all the different possibilities out there and I want to make sure I choose the right path. How do I figure out what I really want when I'm feeling lost and frustrated?

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    If you're feeling lost and overwhelmed, it can be hard to figure out your purpose and what you really want in life. But it's important to take the time to reflect and make an effort to discover your core values and interests. Here are some steps you can take to start figuring out what your true passions and purpose are.

    Take some time to get in touch with yourself

    The first step towards figuring out your purpose is to pause and take some time to get in touch with yourself. Taking some time for reflection and introspection can help you figure out what you truly desire and value most. Spend some time in deep soul searching—think about your values, goals, and dreams, and focus on what matters to you most.

    Identify what really matters to you

    Determining your values and interests is key to discovering your purpose. Think deeply about what truly matters to you and what captures your imagination and inspires you. What topics make you light up when you talk about them? What activities energize you and leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied? Spend some time journaling and writing down what matters to you and what you're passionate about.

    Explore and experiment

    One of the best ways to find out what you're truly passionate about is to explore and experiment. You can start by finding out more about different fields and careers that interest you. You could also volunteer or take on part-time jobs in those fields to get a better understanding of them. And don't be afraid to try new things—experimenting with different hobbies and activities can help you uncover new passions and redirect your focus.

    Set aside your doubts and fears

    Sometimes feelings of doubt and insecurity can be overwhelming and prevent us from pursuing our goals and passions in life. So try to set aside your doubts and fears and take action. Have faith in yourself and focus on honing your skills and doing your best while working to pursue your passions.

    Seek assistance

    If you're still feeling lost and are having trouble figuring out what your passions and purpose are, it could be beneficial to seek external assistance. Connecting with friends and trusted family members who know you well can be invaluable in terms of finding clarity and direction. You could also consider talking to a trained professional such as a counsellor or a coach who can help guide you in the right direction.

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