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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Holding On Through Hopelessness: What To Do When You Feel Like You Have No Options

    Having a sense of hopelessness can be one of the most difficult feelings to grapple with. It can make you feel stuck, unable to pull yourself out of the quicksand of despair. When you’re feeling down and encountering a series of unfortunate events, it’s important to remember that no one situation defines all of you. Whether your grief stems from the end of a relationship, a financial setback, or a loss of a beloved family member, there are many different avenues for rebuilding and regaining strength.

    The best way to tackle a situation like this is by taking one step at a time. Doing something, no matter how small, can help start to chip away at the loneliness and give you something to focus on. Taking proactive steps requires an effort, even when summoning that energy feels nearly impossible. You don’t have to work miracles overnight—start off with small tasks and work your way up to larger ones.

    No matter how hard it might feel, remember that time can help give perspective. As cliched as it is, time really does have a way of putting things into context. And the right combination of people and support can give you energy and stability when you don’t know where to turn. Having someone you trust that you can talk to and unload your worries on, such as a mentor, a therapist, a friend, or a family member, can be incredibly valuable. Create a space and people who support you and remind you of what makes you special and strong.

    Reinvention is also a powerful tool in times of hopelessness. If you’ve been held back by something you used to do or were forced to do and now you feel free, it can be an energizing sensation. Doing something unexpected can break up the monotony and help to clear your thoughts. Even if it’s something novel like making art, or going hiking with a friend to reset your creative juices.

    Finally, stay true to yourself and your goals by building a routine that’s in line with your passions and dreams. Don’t forget what sparks your creativity, or the activities that bring you joy. Whether you’re considering a career change or want to explore a hobby, be sure to give yourself the time to focus on those interests while still managing the day-to-day tasks that need to get done. That way, if anything changes unexpectedly, you are giving yourself the freedom to adapt and thrive.

    When you find yourself in a seemingly hopeless state, remember that this isn’t a comfortable situation you should endure; it’s just a roadblock you have to navigate. Find the right balance between feeling your lowest and highest moments; that’s where your power lies. Stay grounded and reach out in order to fully appreciate your highest highs and carry your newfound clarity with you.

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