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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Harnessing The Internal Light To Find True Happiness

    When the notion of “happiness” is tossed around in conversation, our minds tend to feast on its bright colors and playful associations. We immediately imagine our long-lost childhood dreams resurfacing, or an effortless and complacently content state well within our reach. But this mindset is often misleading; it implies such results can be attained overnight and from the outside, pushed upon us from our job titles, family lives, relationship statuses, and bank accounts.

    Rather, happiness is something originated within us, explored through a deep intrinsic journey of understanding and doubt. To find true joy within yourself, you must assess and train the parts of you that remain hidden away, the parts that are far less tangible and obtainable. This is why red flags of needing to focus more on true internal happiness can be spotted in various areas, from what we view as success to our relationships with family and friends.

    Take career paths as an example. It’s common to associate financial wealth and professional status with an exultant life, ignoring signs that we are settling for less than what drives our soul within. That is why it’s important to create goals and missions that spark our creativity. To forge into unexplored grounds, void of any premeditated notions of what will lead us to a place of euphoria. Take risks, dive into free thought and intuition, and acknowledge the magnetic power of your own passions.

    Interpersonal relationships are another integral aspect when exploring the realm of happiness within. As the ages come and go, they tend to shape who we become, whether its parents, siblings, or romantic partners. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the kind of people we choose to keep near, those that challenge us, encourage us, and help us discover an even greater sensation of joy within ourselves.

    But most importantly, to move naturally towards taking control of your own sense of bliss, there has to be inner work done. We must look within and decipher traits that initiate inner turmoil, that cultivate feelings of worthlessness and defeat, shards of pain that linger from the past which serve as barricades blocking a more enlightened outlook. Through understanding our minds and thoughts, we can construct a new attitude towards life that enriches our hearts.

    True happiness does not come easy -- there is no magical formula for stumble across it. Instead, it’s a process of continuously practicing and perfecting our self-awareness and connection to the world around us. So, whenever we feel lost and hopeless, whereas the waves of tepid and eerily familiar despondence pull us backwards, remember to keep your head up -- for a brighter future awaits, filled with unapologetic fulfilment of ourselves.

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