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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Happiness From Within: Simple Steps For Lasting Contentment

    Happiness, the ultimate goal we all strive and search for in our lives. It is nothing more than a side effect. To be truly content and fulfilled, we need to see life from another perspective, shifting our attention away from the destination to what we have here and now.

    We all spend our days chasing after this or that moment of joy, trying to make it stay longer, to keep it close like a precious secret. But if finding happiness is our primary goal, seeking it obsessively may only lead to intensifying the suffering. Happiness is like a flower - it cannot exist without roots and a solid basis. Focusing on this basis rather than on chasing the end result will bring us a step closer to authentic lasting satisfaction.

    The quest for “happy ever after” is deeply embedded into our minds. We expect sudden and permanent transformation of our state of being the moment when the wish comes true. The problem with this attitude is that those unrealistic expectations can block us from recognizing when that special fleeting feeling comes along, as it often passes before we are able to notice it. But if we learn to accept, feel and appreciate small moments of joy, it will become easier for us to recognize happiness for what it is, and to recreate its presence more often.

    Achieving inner peace and contentment is not a matter of luck anymore, since there are numerous practices that can help. Accept who you are, nurture and care for your body and soul, seek beauty, share your love and be compassionate with others - those 6 simple steps can lead the way to true happiness and personal satisfaction.

    First, accepting yourself for who you are may be the most important part of the puzzle. If self-love does not exist, all other ingredients will be hard to mix into a perfect state of bliss. Allow yourself to be imperfect - stop worrying about having to live up to someone else’s standards.

    Second, pursue activities that bring you joy and nurture your physical and psychological wellbeing. Balance your workload while having time off to recharge your batteries, sleep well and exercise. Implementing these small yet essential details into your lifestyle will help you to stay energized and ready to conquer the world.

    Third, explore the beauty around you, enjoy art and music, take pleasure in little things and share them with those you love. Appreciating beauty is a great opportunity to remain mindful and connected to the present moment, thus making it easier to recognize which direction your journey needs to take.

    Fourth, practice giving rather than just taking. This can range from small little gestures of kindness to anything that brings you peace and satisfaction. Give with love and do not expect anything in return, and you will soon find out that rewarding feeling of happiness is always here for you.

    Fifth, remind yourself that you are not born to suffer, but to create, express and enjoy the blessing of life. If any situation brings you down, remember that it’s nothing more than a passing storm. Everything will soon settle down, leaving you stronger and wiser.

    Sixth, show compassion not just to those close to you, but also to strangers and entire strangers. Seeing the world through the lens of caring and tolerance gives us a completely different outlook on our lives and makes it easier to find joy in simple everyday encounters.

    To sum up, understanding what really matters, connecting to the present moment, nourishing your spirit and keeping your eyes wide open to beauty is the perfect recipe for long lasting happiness. It may sound too simple, but it is a tried and tested method that has helped many individuals to live the life they've always dreamed of. Happiness - a side effect, not a destination.

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