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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Finding Presence in Our Daily Lives

    In our fast-paced lives, it's easy to get swept away by the waves and forget to spend some time simply being still. We are all familiar with the experience of living in a constantly churning world of intense productivity, thinking about our long to-do lists and going to bed at night feeling regretful that we haven't gotten enough done. It is vital for our mental and physical wellbeing that we take a step back and remember to be present in each moment, pausing to appreciate the beauty that can be found in the here and now.

    The practice of presence can be simple but requires some effort. Begin to train your body and mind to become more aware. The first method for bringing ourselves back to the present moment is to ground our feet on the floor. Feel your connection to the earth and let its solidness beneath you remind you that you are here. This will help calm your mind and bring it back from its tendency to wander into anxiety-inducing thoughts that keep us busy but don't necessarily help us achieve anything meaningful.

    After grounding your feet, focus on taking six deep breaths, inhaling fully and exhaling slowly. Try to make each breath count; start counting to five when you inhale, hold for a few seconds, then start counting down to one as you exhale. This will help fill your body with quality air to quiet your mind and help you reset.

    Take a few moments to examine the details of your immediate surroundings. Name what you see or hear in the room—the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of tea, the chatter of birds outside your window, the warmth of the sun shining on your skin. When you name objects in your environment out loud, it helps put yourself in a calming state as well as clarifying what's in your immediate vicinity; identifying what's familiar will also bring comfort.

    Practicing more presence in our everyday lives has a plethora of benefits. Generally speaking, it can reduce uneasiness and make us not only feel calmer but have better mental clarity and make better decisions. It also can protect against burnout, enabling us to recognize our feelings and respect necessary boundaries before they get too overbearing. presence amplifies our connection with others by deepening our level of understanding and acceptance of others' emotions.

    Living in a world of rapid transit where it can be hard to stay still, presence offers a way for us to pause and reconnect with our inner selves and enjoy each moment more fully. By becoming more conscious about our behavior and reactions, we can maintain better peace of mind and cultivate healthier relationships with those around us. Grounding our feet on the floor, taking six deep belly breaths, and naming what we observe around us are three small steps we can take towards fostering presence in our lives.

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