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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Fast-Forward To A Better You

    We’re all familiar with the “hurry up to slow down” saying. The idea that taking a few moments to step away from the hustle and bustle of our lives will actually help us be more productive and efficient by giving us the opportunity to have some “me time”. But what if we could make habits out of those moments and make them even more effective in not just slowing down our lives but ultimately making us happier?

    Here are 10 one-minute habits that will not just save you time but create more happiness within.

    Begin each day inspired. Take a single minute each morning to read something inspirational or to reflect on a thought that resinates with you. It can be an old quote, a poem, or a line from a favorite book. Holding onto that thought as you move through your day will remind you why you’ve chosen your path, acknowledge it, and allow yourself to keep going.

    Pause for perspective. Taking one minute to pause throughout the day and practice mindful imagery allows you to pause, clear your mind, and gain valuable perspective on the situation. It allows you to tap into creative solutions, appreciate smaller moments and reframe the way you’re feeling.

    Yoga it up. Yoga isn’t solely about stretching and sweating. Sunshine salutations in particular give you the opportunity to sync your breath with your body in order to stay focused and connected to yourself. All that's needed is one-minute and you’re able to feel rejuvenated and energized for the tasks ahead.

    Doodle it out. Drawing abstract shapes, patterns and ideas onto paper helps connect the left and right brain, exercising the neural pathways that interconnects the two. Jotting down anything that feels meaningful to you allows you to find clarity and focus.

    Breathe it out. Taking a few moments to engage in deep relaxation with mindful breathing helps to restore balance between mind and body. Getting grounded and regulated with low diaphragmatic breaths can help regulate stressful moments, center yourself in the present moment and reduce fatigue.

    Laugh away. Taking time to laugh can be one minute’s greatest reward. Watch a funny show, find something on social media that has you bursting out with laughter. Whether you’re smiling on the outside or giggling on the inside, the act of laughing releases endorphins and dopamine in your brain which can improve your mood and positively impact your memory.

    Hug it out. Hugging someone helps to lower levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol. It’s a powerful tool for helping people de-stress. So take that one-minute to get close and catch up, or give someone a long hug and stimulate oxytocin levels which promotes social bonding and connection.

    Sing it out. Taking a one-minute break, and singing something bumping along your favorite tunes can help you release any pent-up stress or anger. Feel good music has the ability to reset your cognitive baseline state and improve overall psychological well-being.

    Find perspective. Find one dark corner, exhale slowly and imagine being surrounded by all that’s gone before you, who serves you today and those who will be with you down the road. Reflect on how you may have arrived here where you stand now, trace out a path that has brought you exactly to this moment. Use this one minute to honour and remember all that has happened leading up to your present.

    Be present. Instead of getting ahead of yourself by fussing over the future and worrying about the past, get in touch with each and every moment when it's here. Taking a few minutes to be silent and presence allows you to connect with the beauty of life without being rushed by the next item on your choppy to-do list.

    Creating these one-minute habits for saving time will actually create a longer-term cycle of happiness as it both contributes to and allows us to enjoy productivity and efficiency.

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