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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Empowering Stillness in Times of Insecurity and Grandiosity

    The road to contentment takes time and is never an easy walk. Achieve balance not only of our mortal shells but also the tumultuous relationships of life that bring along both the glorious peaks and deep troughs of living. Unsurprisingly, insecurity and grandiose delusions can be powerful deterrents to inner harmony. In the spirit of reassuring ourselves, let us exhort to stay centered and be confident. The righteous might of one’s strength has been earned, vigorously and unceasingly carved to uplift oneself and cast out anxiousness and inflated fantasies, allowing the gears of mental freedom to turn to permit peace and stillness.

    Insecurity is a byproduct of many afflictions. When faced with formidable challenges, the grip of doubt and apprehension can easily dispirit those in search of tranquility. Cowering in fear about becoming a source of the unknown instead of bravery for the inhospitable is a self-defeating act in its very form. Aspiration brings along the erosion of this mental preclusion, sweeping away cobwebs of bounded beliefs and sense of worthiness. Resilience entails facing off with adversaries whilst balancing with accordance to maintain control and composure. Victory is not only determined through a remarkable feat of staying afloat during the onslaught of disquiet but also in recognizing the significance of relishing in a renewed sense of stillness within rather than merely the pursuits of others.

    On the other end of the equilibrium, lies delusions of grandeur. Arising in periods of accomplishment and admiration, these transient snowballs of overconfidence can lead to harsh repercussions if taken out of proportion. Narrow ambitions have the intent of focus and can be a good thing when dealt appropriately; however, the surefire trail leading to perdition is unleashed through rigidity and over assignment of entitlements. Celebrate your successes, bask in the brightness of the limelight but do not lose sight on that which matters most – the path of inner serenity that originates from the depths of the heart.

    So, don’t feed insecurity. Don’t feed delusions of grandeur. Both are obstacles to stillness. Be confident, you’ve earned it. A harmonious subsistence requires rich interactions within the mind, a synergy between contradictory vibes, meaning that jubilation needs to be fused with cognizance of potential threats. As optimism maintains momentum in striving for ambitions, strengthen diligence at shouldering a deep awareness of inner stasis rather succumbing towards arduous reaches for false solace. Celebratory moments consume a respect for such simplicity as the value of stillness radiates high, freeing the mind from inward distortions and aggravations in times of gross eagerness to get what one desires.

    Let us all embrace the prosperity granted from being firmly anchored in reason, acceptance and self-assurance. Empowering our character to rest in the grand design that cycles between tribulation and bliss, setting sight of both the mundane and extraordinary with grace. Digging through impenetrable thickness of confusion and temptation, let fallacies not derail a journey towards internal contentment for a controlled yet resilient awakening of fulfilment in ourselves.

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