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    Steven Robinson

    Embracing Solitude As An Opportunity: Schopenhauer's 6 Ways To Avoid Boredom

    Boredom is an emotion synonymous with despondency. As philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer acutely noted: “Boredom is just the reverse side of fascination: both depend on being outside rather than inside a situation, and one leads to the other.” To prevent boredom from consuming us, we must find ways to stay in the present moment, appreciate beauty, and embrace a journey of personal growth. Here, Schopenhauer has provided readers 6 ways to combat tedium and live a life of fulfillment.

    Life is precious and everything that exists in it is equally so. To ensure moments are not wasted, it is important to appreciate the beauty that mundane tasks present. Appreciating the beauty of everyday life can cause pleasure to blossom and awaken empathy within oneself. By delving into the details of everyday life, children picking flowers in a park, gossipers at the bus-stop, an elegant lady in a flowery hat, all beautiful things can be noticed and savored. This appreciation is all part of our human experience and enables us to visualize, record, and store memories. Therefore, instead of growing discontented, be open and enjoy everyday life as if it was your first and last day.

    When we remain focused on the present and all that is happening around us, fatigue is kept at bay and interest lingers. Mindfulness techniques can be adopted to capture moments and curiosity. Instead of achieving a frenetic lifestyle, such techniques encourage activities to be done slowly and intently, weaving and interlinking body and mind. By maintaining discipline and practicing mindfulness, each individual moment gives definition to existence.

    A curious mind constantly seeks new information and knowledge. Learning new skills and exploring foreign cultures have been proven to expand people’s horizons. Such activities allow abilities to grow and nourish mental state. The process of where one begins to learn and how far they can go is limitless; allowing individuals to discover who they truly are while enjoying and having fun.

    Having interests is a banishment of boredom and signals a purpose-driven life. Interests are pathways to self-discovery and open up avenues of learning. Engaging in hobbies or joining a club stimulates the brain and adds a sense purpose to life. From cooking, reading, playing an instrument, writing, gardening to fishing, activities are listed everywhere and are meant to inspire and incline people to stay engaged.

    Adopting healthy regimes such as exercising and eating nutritious food can bring relief from apathy. Working out helps release endorphins which improves mood and generates a feeling of well-being, even when being alone. The same applies to diet. Eating nutritious food fuels the brain, boosts immunity, and regulates hormones which consequently alleviates anxiety.

    Finally, Schopenhauer believes embracing solitude as seeking seclusion to pass time can bring much needed peace, because it allows us to reflect on our innermost thoughts. Once you’ve reached a point of acceptance, it is possible to tap into mental reservoirs and gain spiritual insight. Interesting conversations are possible if you partake in deep reflection and open up dialogues that helps connect us back to our original truth.

    Schopenhauer’s 6 ways to avoid boredom encourages us to take control. Every single action triggers an energetic wave that impacts our environment; this means that with every thought and choice, you are deciding if you want to experience boredom or not. Follow his guidelines, open your mind and be courageous so that you can transform it into a haven of tranquility and contentment.

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