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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Developing a Model of Existence

    The further removed humans become from old-world philosophies and traditional ways of thinking about being, the more space becomes available to imaginatively approach our place in the world. It is somewhat unsettling to consider all the vagaries borne from any rejection of something with which we have been traditionally familiar. On the other hand, the blessing obtained from liberating ourselves from assumptions opens the door to uncharted patterns, where unique perspectives can be gathered and constructive and useful mappings can be constructed. it lays the foundation for the development of an entirely new model.

    This model is varied, as each individual's personal version brings with it its own minutiae and characteristics that are brought forth through experience and intuition. These combinations speak to personal insight and wisdom as they shape and shift according to little changes in life's music. That said, a few commonalities or universals within each individual model often move beyond linguistic articulation into a place of unnamed wonderment and poignancy. Such is the case when considering a model of one's existence.

    For most people, key aspects of this type of model emerge from within almost unscathed and straightforward realities. Those that making up the thoughts, feelings, and actions that happen in their day to day lives. It often takes very direct exploration into tangible habits and core beliefs in order to identify areas requiring critical attention. If a desire to progress in any meaningful way is present, then addressing these specific sources matters. Only by doing so can the clutter released from accumulation be illuminated and in turn replaced by invaluable gems first found within and then further embellished upon in realistic ways.

    When taking on such a project or most any other significant endeavor in life, what is paramount is understanding how each segment plays a role in influencing another. By seeing beyond simplistic points in favor of immersive investigation into any given matter's mysteries, what follows is invariably a changing relationship between the various parts at work. Within this synthesis, incredible levels of integration and magic arise that would never have been gleaned from linear approaches alone. Whereas, until now, those structures have been all too often favored due to their seeming effectiveness, that reality holds more questionable value as more comprehensive experimentation supplies more satisfying results. Reflection allows for deeper revelation of life's hidden depths as notions shift from loose tangents into interconnected webs that depict a larger picture beyond what was ever imagined before.

    The same premise goes for instances of growth from within a personal perspective on life — knowing the climate of one's own inner landscape is critical. If ever one is to traverse these unknowns with any degree of surety and seize the makings of a reality suited uniquely to overcomes shared themes experienced universally even during recent times. But if ever there is to be a chance of manifesting such transformations as these then what will also come into sharp focus is the need for ample respect to be applied toward every hurdle.

    A pure recognition is required in order to appreciate what makes up one's model of existence in its entirety. Together with an acknowledgment that comes with accepting ultimate responsibility for whatever may or may not come to pass therein. This entails approaching both the positive and negative forces at play birthed from life's plethoras with deliberative consideration that speaks to positively connecting with one's own energetic flow completely unhindered by influence from any outside source. And allowing for evolution sooner than later due to the discoveries uncovering new needs for accommodation throughout this entire process — needs that enable understanding and actualization around various possibilities independent of any traditional structures thus far established by society as whole.

    Having a clear vision for one's model of existence has never been more important now than ever before. We no longer live in a world where a predetermined pathway or trust in the status quo will ensure happiness or serve us best in any kind of quest employed by anyone seeking personal nourishment or validity on their journey even during already trying times like these. Instead we must each respectfully view our personal models consisting of motivations and avenues dedicated toward complete self-discovery followed by intention-based sustaining behaviors accordingly maintained toward achieving lasting well being.

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