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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Coping with a Difficult Time: Get on with Your Life

    Life is full of difficult seasons that can feel like they will never end or have no obvious resolution. While feeling trapped within such a season can be terrifying and isolating, it's important to remember that it won't last forever and there are coping strategies that can help you move forward.

    When your life feels like it has completely derailed, it can be hard to figure out where to start making positive changes. It’s likely you will encounter multiple obstacles to success and you may find yourself struggling to take even the tiniest steps forward. However, instead of panicking or giving up, it’s important to remind yourself that you can eventually make progress.

    Start by recognizing the extent of your current struggles and not selling yourself short. Really identify the true depth of what you’re dealing with in order to best figure out how to move through the difficulty. Allowing yourself to sympathize with the magnitude of your obstacles makes them easier to process rather than overcompensating and pushing the issue aside.

    In the moment of adversity, it’s also important to create a safe space for yourself to practice self-care and inner reflection. Whether this comes in the form of journaling, story writing, painting or anything else that gives you a sense of calm it’s essential to allow yourself to explore your emotions without shame or judgement. Journaling can also be a great tool for figuring out what your next steps are and recontextualizing negative situations into ones with more hope.

    It might also be helpful to seek support from a professional therapist during this difficult time. Talking to someone thar provides a listening ear and objective advice can help you gain perspective and recognize unhealthy thought processes and behaviors. Even a few sessions can provide insight or encourage you to do things differently. Consider talking to an individual therapist or seeking group support, if available.

    As you slowly but surely find yourself on a path of healing, it can be useful to remember why such trials happen in the first place. If nothing else, this period can be seen as growth as you develop a better understanding of life and the power of resilience. Viewing the situation as one in which courage and inner strength can be gained can be extremely empowering. There is nothing that cannot be overcome with patience and dedication.

    No matter how bleak things look, it’s possible to break through the difficult times and start living life in a more fulfilling way. While the process is complex and arduous, itty’s worth it in the end. So be gentle with yourself, don't give up and eventually, you will get on with your life.

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