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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Cold Showers: Why Toughening Up Matters

    Many people may think showering in cold water is an odd or risky activity. People who do this often get scrutinized and asked why they are subjecting themselves to such a seemingly crazy idea. Those who don’t partake often can’t wrap their heads around why someone would want to. But, if jumping into some cold water is the hardest thing you do, you need to toughen up.

    Taking cold showers should be something that is admired for its many benefits, instead of being ridiculed. It can be an effective way to challenge yourself and push you out of your comfort zone. The point of taking a cold shower is not just to shock yourself, but reward your mind and body with the immense benefits that come along with it. Plus, when you do something that mental forces you to challenge yourself, particularly something seemingly daunting and uncomfortable, the self-confidence that follows can be empowering.

    Right off the bat, by daring to jump into some freezing temperatures, you will get an almost immediate satisfaction. When you complete the shower, it’s likely a sense of accomplishment will follow and that could be a major confidence boost in itself. Not to mention, after several sessions of icy temperature showers, you improve your overall ability to withstand even more stressful situations and activities, making it much easier to push your boundaries physically and mentally. The bottom line is that by taking part in something as basic as showering in cold water often, you can truly achieve a greater respect for yourself and others.

    But physical benefits are just the surface of what cold showers have to offer. It gives us the opportunity to practice mindfulness while calming the body and stabilizing the nervous system. When we make a conscious effort to become present with the coldness, we are being mindful. Which will reduce fear and tension, clear away confusion and agitation, and support our journey towards greater harmony. This isn’t about avoiding the discomfort, but learning resilience; which means staying with it, standing in the fire, and eventually integrating it into ourselves until peace has returned.

    That said, if this one act is the epitome of tackling hardships for you, then you have to bring more critical ambitions into your life. Welcome the hard times and the inevitable gray days. Learn to leverage your capabilities, broaden your horizons, expand your skills, and discover how to pursue goals even in difficult situations. Take on new challenges that demand effort, risk-taking, and persistence - all of which will build strength and character. It's commonly said that tough times don’t last, tough people do.

    Getting out of comfort zone is the best way to grow and develop. So, if you’re ready to make a real change in your life and accelerate your growth, forget kicking flimsy goals, and take a plunge today. Be brave and conquer something new. Whether it’s your first time taking a cold shower, or you are facing any pressing issue in your life - remember that going against the grain yet again is how you rise to the occasion. All it takes is an ice-cold shower to show the world that you can handle whatever life throws your way.

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