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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Adhering to Strict Values in the Pursuit of Happiness

    We are all on a journey, constantly searching for a certain measure of happiness. Many of us may think that being content comes from external factors like wealth, fame and success. However, without them, many of us can often find ourselves feeling somewhat empty, as if something is missing from our lives. That is why adhering to strict values during our journey in the pursuit of happiness can sometimes be essential to fill some of those gaps from within.

    Personal development does not occur until we are honest with ourselves and ready to look into our souls for the answers to our questions. In the process, self-reflection and introspection will be key components. We must have the courage and passion to overcome our fear and challenge ourselves towards the creation of value based personal goals set on our own terms, or risk leaving ourselves vulnerable to an uncertain path of longing.

    Learning to express gratitude, forgiveness, and gain wisdom through experience will help us to reach our highest potential. It will also serve as a reminder of how far we have come and how much we can accomplish. Having faith in ourselves and using that assurance to reach new limits can be daunting, but it is also liberating. It will build strength in character, reduce stress and eventually help us to find a sense of peace.

    It is important to keep in mind that life is always changing, and our values may evolve over time. Therefore, carving out a niche and making progress towards those goals are essential. Along the way, it can be a beneficial exercise to look back at the changes in values and celebrate the progress. As our mental health improves, so will our ability to take a few moments of pause, reflect on where we have been, and recalculate in what direction our destination could be found amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

    The most powerful tool anyone has is their own will and desire to reach their goals. It's not about how quickly we achieve them, but more about the process of valuing their importance and understanding its relevance in our future. Remaining humble and focused will help us to keep the bigger picture in sight and understand our purpose along the way. Setting boundaries and allowing ourselves the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them keeps us connected to our beliefs and encourages personal growth.

    Adhering to strict values may seem difficult in the moment. It requires us to look beyond the now and focus on the future. For some of us, therapy may be necessary, as it can provide a safe space to explore, discuss and understand any emotional complexities we may experience while striving to live a fulfilled life. Whatever the path we choose to get there, it is important to remember that our decisions should ultimately be driven by our personal values and desires, no matter the opinions of others around us. With consistency and determination, we can use our values to help pave the way to a sense of contentment, security and joy.

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