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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    A Ray of Creative Light: Spark Creative Flow Through Meditation, Training, and Diversification

    As an artist, the ever looming spectre of creative block can become demoralizing. The solution is often passed off as an easy one, reach for a bottle and let loose. But this hackneyed myth has been debunked by researchers. Scientific evidence shows that the most effective means to harness creativity isn’t intoxication, but building complex wellness practices. Through meditation, training, and cultural exposure - a person can surprise himself with newfound brilliance.

    We all know this world has plenty of distractions and temptations to pull us away from our art. But when left to its own devices, the mind will find creative solutions on its own. This is, of course, no easy feat. It requires courage, dedication, and an intense commitment to the process. Constant effort leads to growth - and with the right perspective, these ideas slowly materialize into bona fide works of inspiration.

    The first step is thus to conceptualize yourself as a mental conduit. Your mind is the beginning and the end and everything in between – Let your thoughts come and go as they will, and eventually, creative flow will emerge. This journey takes considerable practice and dedication, so be prepared to devote your full attention to inner-workings of the mind.

    Start this process by experimenting with meditation and mindfulness. One way to do this is to take up Transcendental Meditation. This technique is said to be simple and doable for any level of experience. Also, look for different ways of reflecting, such as journaling or listening to podcasts. Try to brainstorm weekly and keep a record of whatever jumps out at you. Once original concepts start emerging, be sure to create a ritual around it. Putting pen to paper will emphasize the notion that you are taking action with your newly born ideas.

    One additional motivator is physical training. Increased exercise leads to improved production of neurotransmitters, and subsequently higher levels of focus and cognitive expertise. Find a gym routine that suits you, get outside and walk, or even swim if it appeals to you. Whatever you decide, constantly move the body and give it the energy it deserves.

    Moreover, traditional methods of ideation exist and perpetuate the same level of controversy they always have. Hence, supplement your creative processes with simple pleasure. Viewing suggested art or unknown music can provide stimulus that can oftentimes revitalize and/or just simply ignite streams of unbridled imagination. Spend time in different places and cultures, absorb foreign flavors and distinctive questions. Be mindful of why you chose these over the norms and this will bring ideas flying to the forefront.

    All-in-all, the message here is loud and clear: turn to experience and not artificial materialisation. Alcohol and narcotics are the wrong avenues to seek inspiration and creativity. There are natural pathways to attain similar rewards – paths that rely on self-reflection and adventure to pave the way for brilliant solutions. Ease your worries and take pleasure in the process. Apply each compassionate step of this experiment to give birth to new and exciting levels of creativity.

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