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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    A Journey to You: Miss Your Fate or Make It?

    "Is it Possible to Miss Your Fate?"

    We’ve all heard the story of an old man in a far away land—the seer who has insight into destinies and fortunes. This narrative of a mysterious force that is determined to guide us in the direction of our ultimate fate has enchanted audiences for centuries, but what if a person is meant to defy it? Can you miss your fate?

    This question requires more than a sweeping answer and instead invites a journey through the many avenues of thought that can lead to a resolution. Let’s explore six powerful forces that can affect our fates and the different ways they interact with each other.


    At its core, the decision-making process behind our actions is an intricate yet delicate balance between free will and predestination. Free will allows us to think, act, and create according to our best judgment and desires, whereas predestination refers to the predetermined path of events beyond our control. As humans, we have the ability to make choices and change course, but ultimately, every choice we make has consequences.

    While believing in fate implies that parts of our lives are predetermined, many people accept fate as guidance and tweak their life paths rather than blindly following a singular route. They are still able to make choices that influence not only their present moment but also the future, taking calculated risks and testing the boundaries of their luck or circumstances.


    Origins, birthplace, upbringing―all of these determinants compose the environment one grows up in. Genes, family values and morals, customs, and religious beliefs have the potential to shape a person’s character and values, which could eventually develop into traits that may not be in line with one’s own desires. This doesn’t mean that these factors have control over a person’s life, however. People can take control of their environment and shape it in ways that are more conducive to their own individual paths.


    The journey of life puts us in contact with many people and it is up to us to interact with them the way we deem beneficial. Friends, family, colleagues and even strangers can be invaluable catalysts of change, challenging our preconceived notions and beliefs. Meeting someone new can open up a world of possibilities and opportunities, while being torn away from those close to us can lead to a newfound sense of independence and personal growth. We can surround ourselves with people whose values align with ours, helping to further foster our determination to stay true to ourselves.


    Insight can only truly be understood through experience, for this gives us the knowledge to recognize the correct decision and the courage to make it. Growing up in different kinds of environments provides us with diverse perspectives, allowing us to judge situations from distinct angles. Making mistakes and learning from them reinforces the willingness to adventure forward, to push past obstacles and persevere even in trying times.


    Often dismissed as mere luck, chance gives us guidance where no explanation exists. It tantalizes us with uncertainty and excitement, offering unexpected twists and turns along the way. When we find ourselves drifting away from our intended path, chance can be a powerful force in shaking up our life routines and adding spice to a predestined course.


    Reflecting on past experiences helps us to stay grounded and present, and zero in on our purest form of ambition and desires. Keeping the big picture in check allows us to maintain balance in our lives, knowing when to focus on our future, our present, and ourselves. Taking time to review our goals and values keeps our thoughts and plans centered and ensures we don’t take any extreme measures to realize our desires.

    The journey of life is never linear but rather a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Every fork in the road presents another opportunity for us to make decisions based on our individual values and ambitions, ones that eventually shape our overall character and build the fortitude to reroute and continue our path forward with greater conviction.

    Only you can decide if it is possible to ever miss your fate. Nourishing and cultivating the seeds of self-awareness and mindfulness will lead to an enhanced understanding of yourself, allowing sufficient clarity to make honest decisions for your own personal journey.

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