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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    What are some effective ways to co-parent with a partner who has a demanding job?

    No one said parenting was easy, but maintained a healthy relationship with your partner who has a demanding job can prove to be more of a challenge. Being in a committed relationship requires compromise and understanding from both of you, especially when it comes to responsibilities associated with parenting. To ensure that both of you are able to contribute effectively and remain connected as a couple, here are a few ways to co-parent successfully with a partner who has a demanding career:

    1. Encourage Regular Communication - While having a demanding job your partner may get caught up and easily forget to take the time to communicate with you about how the day went or other important matters related to your family. Try and make sure that you talk on a regular basis throughout the day. Open communication will help reassure and encourage your partner that he/she is still important and held in high regards.

    2. Set Boundaries - It’s important to set some ground rules together that both of you have to stick to and respect so that the division of labor within the house is balanced and fair. Make sure that it’s not just your partner taking on all the responsibilities or you feeling guilty or frustrated as a result.

    3. Discuss Priorities - Both of you need to come to an agreement as to what are the priorities in the home and what is most important to focus on. This is important as it will help establish a plan and routine of the tasks and responsibilities, while eliminating any potential misunderstandings or frustrations.

    4. Display Mutual Respect - Disagreements between partners happen, this is normal and within any healthy relationship. Don’t forget to always show respect to your partner even if there are times when you disagree or are upset with one another. The ability to remain respectful and understanding is an important part of any successful co-parenting relationship.

    5. Take Time for Self-Care - When juggling parenting and careers it’s easy to push self-care down to the bottom of your priority list. But it’s something that should never fall by the wayside! Taking time for yourself is important to make sure that you feel refreshed and recharged for the next challenge. This could mean taking the time to read a book, getting to bed early, or working out. Whatever it is that brings you joy, make sure that it makes its way onto your schedule on a regular basis.

    By maintaining open lines of communication with your partner and both of you putting in the effort to housework and childcare, you will be able to make sure that the parenting process runs smoothly. As long as there is respect between two of you and self-care practices are implemented, this will help you both maintain a healthy balance between parenting and having a demanding job.

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