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    Steven Robinson

    The Meaning of Motherhood: How to Support a Daughter When Tiring of the Pressure

    Depending on the person, motherhood can mean many things. However, when one has a daughter and that daughter is dealing with outside pressures, it can be difficult to support them. For instance, if there’s a constant parade of new men in your daughter’s life, one may tire of the pressure and not know how to support them.

    When juggling the duties of motherhood, one may have further pressure on their plate when they begin to feel like they must also act as a guardian to their daughter. It’s important to remember, however, that although it may be difficult, one should always make sure to listen to their daughter’s thoughts and feelings. This can help ensure that the discussion is open and honest and realistic. By communicating openly, one can come up with a plan to support their daughter while still demonstrating that they are the parent.

    One of the best methods used to support a daughter in this situation is to provide her with education. Knowledge is power and allowing your daughter to be educated on the dynamics of relationships can provide her with the opportunity to make better decisions. Through getting an education, it will also help your daughter to see the situation from a different perspective as well as better arm her with the skills needed for teaching her about responsible behavior.

    Furthermore, it’s important to show love to your daughter regardless of the pressure. A simple gesture of a hug or a kiss can help show your affection which in turn will help her realize that she is not only loved but also valued. Allowing your daughter to know that even if you tire from the pressure or don’t necessarily approve of the constant parade of men in her life, your love for her remains steadfast.

    Fostering an open relationship with your daughter can also highly effective. It may be difficult at times to do so with certain topics, such as this particular one. However, it’ll help build trust with your daughter, and that could potentially go a long way in setting reasonable boundaries, expectations and limits to future encounters. By maintaining a positive relationship with your daughter, it may become easier to express your feelings while also attempting to understand hers.

    Last, but certainly not least, it's important to not forget that your daughter is going to make mistakes in life and that’s ok. Having children, especially a daughter, can be stressful and, sometimes, one can want to shield her from any possible harm, but child rearing is normalizing failure. No matter how much one may want to protect their daughter from making “bad decisions”, every decision is a learning opportunity in some way. Taking the time to discuss those pitfalls or even supporting her through them can be extremely beneficial for both of you in the long run.

    When dealing with the pressures in modern day motherhood, it can be difficult to decide how and when to step in. though, remember to always be patient and understanding with your daughter and that your love will never waver no matter the circumstances.

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