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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Personality of a Parent - Influence of Parents on Their Offspring

    It is no secret that parents have the greatest influence on the lives of their offspring, from the values they adopt to some of the hurdles they may face in life. However, the depth of this influence is not fully understood. Recent studies have revealed the complex and interesting ways in which a parent’s personality type can shape the lives and development of their children - whether for better or worse.

    Parents possess personality traits that span an incredibly vast range among individuals, quite like a haystack covering various shapes, sizes and colors. These define the ‘frame’ of a home while the child acts as a ‘painting’. Depending upon the trait of a parent, the painting too can shape itself into different figures. A parent who enjoys helping others might raise altruistic children, just as one who loves to be organized may encourage their kids to cultivate the same trait. Similarly, a more content and relaxed parent, who is less stressed and anxious, will help the children stay away from those tendencies.

    When parents struggle with unresolved trauma, mental health issues, or addictions such as drugs, alcohol, or gambling, these can influence their children deeply. Even if parents are never outright abusive, they may pass down damaging behaviors in subtler ways to their kids- encouraging them to adopt these traits. Such subconscious parenting can teach children that these problematic behaviors are both normal and acceptable, leading to greater issues in the future.

    Moreover, it isn't always the negative aspects of a parent's personality that can affect their children adversely. Sometimes it may even by the positive aspects that can be detrimental and uncontrolled. For example, the tendency of perfectionism, which can be rooted deeply in a parent’s psyche, could be deeply absorbed by the child due to his/her admiration and high regard for the parent. The child might unknowingly mimic a lot of these same standards in order to please the parent and to get love and affection.

    It is also important to keep in mind how a parent’s personalities shape their action towards their own children. A disciplinarian parent could impose harsh punishment on their child in an attempt to set him or her on the “right path” - causing the child great stress, confusion, and even repression. In turn, a more jovial parent might pay unwarranted attention to their children, leaving the children feeling overwhelmed.

    The connection between a parent’s personality and their children's lives cannot be oversimplified. It is a complex weaving of influences which can unfold in many different ways and to varied degrees - ensuring that the interplay of relationships within a family remains as unique and fascinating as the individuals themselves.

    Just as a skilful sculptor shapes and refines a sculpture from a single block of marble, parents craft the destinies of their children through their personalities, behavior, and actions. By understanding the awesome power of a parent's personality type and its potential repercussions, parents can use the knowledge to make the environment more conducive for their children’s growth and development.

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