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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    My Ex Keeps Cancelling Visitation Days: What Should I Do?

    Navigating the balance between my ex and I in regards to our child's custody has been a huge challenge. Since ending our relationship it has been an issue of wanting what's best for the child, while still maintaining fairness for both sides. Lately, the frustration has come from their frequent cancellations of scheduled visit days that have been established in the law or by agreement. It adds an unwelcome amount of stress and anxiety that both myself, and more importantly, my child experience.

    One of the first steps to take in this situation is to figure out why they might be cancelling the visits. Is it because of some new circumstance such as a new job, or other obligations they have? Is this pattern a result of them not wanting to keep up with the agreement we have made in regards to our child? Figuring out the motives behind this cancellation could help me better understand how to adjust and make space for them.

    Another course of action is to reach out with an open dialogue to your ex. Although this might seem like a potential minefield of emotions, addressing the concern will provide clarity to the situation and help prevent further incidences of cancellations. When speaking to them, take the time to listen to their perspective and discover what is causing cancellations. Doing this can create a more civil dialogue and calm all parties involved.

    The next step is to document any agreements that were reached and any changes that were made throughout the discussion. Keeping records, such as emails, text messages, and the like of any maters regarding the visitation days that were cancelled, is a great way to lay out a timeline and provide a detailed account of events. Documenting what was agreed upon also helps with accountability when it comes to the agreement being kept.

    Finally, if all else fails and your ex continues to cancel visitation days, it is best to work with the court system to ensure the safety of both you and your children. The courts are able to monitor the frequency of cancellations in order to regulate future events. Make sure to contact the court with your concerns and provide the information that you have documented to support your claim.

    When my ex and I share custody of our child, but they keep cancelling on their visitation days, I must focus on doing what is best for my children. Discussion needs to be opened with them in order to clarify the reasons behind the cancelled days. Documenting any conversations and agreements is important, and if all else fails, you should enlist in the help of the court system.

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