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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Mama's Boys: The Unbreakable Bond


    The relationship between a mother and her son is unique—one of the most precious bonds on the planet. A little boy forever latching onto his mother's skirts, choosing her comfort and safety over all others—it's an innate drive to be with his biggest supporter, one that never fades with time. Many parents, therefore, take pride in their children becoming ‘mama's boys'; growing into strong, confident adults who strive for excellence through their bond with their loving protector.

    But there are downsides to being too close to mom—the dangers of getting stuck in a rut, of relying too much on home-cooked meals or a generous allowance from Mama! it can lead to an inability to function independently and an unhealthy dependence on things like money and favoritism from one's mother. In extreme cases, if the child does not learn to disconnect from Mom when he reaches adulthood, it could even lead to an unhealthy obsession.

    In today's world of fast-paced change, maintaining Mom's influence in a son's life is difficult to do without sacrificing independence. To survive as a mama's boy in modern society requires both a clear knowledge of family boundaries, and self-assurance in matters related to accomplishments and career prospects. Take, for instance, a recent graduate studying in an unfamiliar town and far away from home. In this situation, depending upon his mother leads to not connecting with new people, losing out on job opportunities, or even dropping out of college. Therefore it is essential that this young man finds the right balance between continuing his dependency on Mom and forging ahead by himself.

    Mama's Boy Syndrome is characterized by an individual's dependency on his mother for everything from financial support to emotional comfort; prolonged dependency and imbalanced mother-son relationships will further complicate the individual's life in adulthood leading to stunted personal growth. Oftentimes, Mama's Boys struggle to find meaningful relationships outside of family. This occurs for two primary reasons: one, because of their reliance on their mother for acceptance and two, because their overbearing parent may set strict standards for any potential relationships or suitors. To counter this danger, it is important for Mama's Boys to address any feeling of shame they have regarding their dependence and need for connection.

    In addition to needing to master interpersonal communication skills, Mama's Boys also should learn independence and self-sufficiency in daily life skills—cooking, cleaning, budgeting and so on. The reliance on parental aid must provide the palatable minimum: talking to strangers, dealing with stressors at work or school, handling difficult conversations with friends—all must be practiced regularly. With consistent practice they can become interdependent while still maintaining effective relationships with those closest to them at home.

    Much like the classic mama's boy archetype is subserviently devoted to his adoring mother in modern culture; he must also be able to recognize how to listen, how to ask questions, how to build trust, how to take initiative and ultimately how to accept responsibility for everything he does in life. It also helps for mama's boys to view their bond with their mothers as something beautiful and powerful yet knowing that their attachment is never greater than their own inner strength—which will eventually be what pulls them through the toughest of days.

    Mom's unconditional love can shape the course of a person's life—and nothing quite compares with watching the values you instill in your son bring success into his life. But many parents forget that having a son who loves you doesn't mean that he is still unable to cope alone when required; nor should it overshadow his budding independence and desire to assert himself away from home. The sooner we accept this simple truth as parents, the more free our sons will be to stand on their own two feet while still loving and honoring us as they have done since childhood.

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