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    Paula Thompson

    How to Handle Family Drama and Avoid Ruining Your Housewarming

    Going through family drama is never fun and it is something that many people in this world have found themselves enduring at some point. When family drama starts to mix with a happy occasion like a housewarming, though, it can be precisely the wrong thing for any festivities. Finding the right way to handle family drama might ruin your housewarming and prevent it from being the celebration you had hoped for. That’s why it’s important to know what to do if you find that family drama has the potential to ruin your special event.

    If family drama is starting to come up in the run-up to your housewarming, it might be best to have a firm but honest conversation with your family members. Though it can be difficult to bring up such a topic, it's worth remembering that talking openly and honestly could help you avoid potentially bigger issues down the line. Make sure to set expectations with your family: the housewarming is your day and the goal is for the entire celebration to remain upbeat, lighthearted and positive.

    Once the housewarming has begun and you’re already in full swing, it is still important to maintain good boundaries when family drama arises. If a conversation starts getting heated and contentious, politely remind your guests that the goal of the evening is to celebrate and nothing more. Avoid engaging in any argumentative debating with family members and instead offer open-ended questions to come to an understanding rather than trying to prove one person is right or wrong.

    Taking a momentary break from the housewarming festivities can also be a great way to manage a situation that is spiraling out of control. Suggest going on a walk together or stepping outside for a little fresh air. Before going outside, take a minute and take several breaths to stay centered and grounded. This will help keep the conversation balanced and composed.

    It’s also important to remember that you should never feel obligated to defend any family member or entertain conversations that are toxic. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable or exposed in a situation that isn’t working. Though it can be difficult, know when it’s time to say no and move on.

    When it comes to family drama, it might seem like an insurmountable problem to handle, but with a few proactive steps and the right frame of mind, you can ensure that the situation does not ruin your housewarming celebrations and ruin the bond between you and your family members.

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