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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    How to Enhance Mental Strength in Children: What Not to Do and What to Teach

    We all want our children to be strong and successful, but the journey towards that doesn't happen overnight. One of the most important skills our kids need to learn is how to cultivate mental strength. Learning how to manage their emotions and how to make good decisions can help kids stay on the right track for a lifetime. To ensure that children have a solid foundation of mental toughness, there are certain things parents should actively help them avoid.

    Kids should never allow themselves to become discouraged by a few missteps. Too many kids wallow in medias res, feeling like they will never succeed because of one or two unsuccessful attempts. Instead, it's important for children to learn that facing challenges and overcoming adversity is part of growth, both mentally and physically. Allowing kids to celebrate the small successes along the way can be a powerful tool in helping them retain a positive outlook and inspiring them to continue moving forward.

    It is also important that children don't deny their mistakes. Too often, kids will try to downplay the consequences of their misdeeds or paint an inaccurate picture of events. While it is natural for parents to want to protect their kids when they make errors, it is important to welcome every mistake as an opportunity for growth. Informing our children that it is okay to make mistakes, and to own up to their errors is key to helping them develop an understanding that life is full of successes and failures.

    We should also help kids stay away from negativity. Negative thinking can become a crutch that has a profound psychological impact on our children's development. By emphasizing the importance of looking at things from a positive perspective, we can encourage them to identify the positives in any situation. Practicing affirmative thinking and positive self-talk is key for maintaining a healthy mindset- a skill that is not only essential to mental growth, but also to emotional wellbeing.

    Another thing mentally strong kids understand is that failure is not permanent. Some kids may feel so defeated when they fail that they stop trying altogether. It is up to us as parents to help pick them up and encourage them to try again. Showing our kids that resilience is more powerful than defeat and acknowledging their effort is a great way to teach that failure does not necessarily mean giving up.

    If kids know what not to do, it will be easier for them to apply themselves and shape the world around them in a positive way. Allowing our children to observe, question and explore is essential for their development. Equipping them with knowledge of how to manage emotions, make responsible decisions, and build a positive attitude are needed for them to have the mental strength to face any challenge life throws at them.

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