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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Can We Help Our Daughter to Cope With an Uncertain Future?

    As parents, it can be horrifying when we watch our daughter's struggle with recognizing and accepting the reality of life. To us – their parents and peers – the path is so obvious: get a job, meet someone special, fall in love, start a business, etc. But for our precious daughter, this sort of ‘social reality' may not be as comfortably accepted as it is for other young adults.

    No matter how much love, guidance and mentoring we power them with, there ARE moments when our daughter will reach a crossroads and feel lost. They must learn how to think, how to respond and how to cope without losing sight of who they are and what their hopes and dreams are.

    The challenge lies in providing the right balance between providing our daughter with a reality check and preparing them for an unpredictable future. We need to tackle issues such as career exploration, relationship issues, money management and positive decision making, which are all significant life skills that they need to learn while they are growing up. However, we must also help them maximize their potential despite all the uncertainties that life may bring.

    It is important to provide our daughter with some form of security. We need to teach them how to handle and recognize their emotions, build strong relationships and develop their physical and mental strengths. This can take many forms; such as a warm embrace, an inspiring word of encouragement, or even just spending quality time with them.

    We should also be open to her and provide her with education or any other resource needed for growth. We want to empower our daughter with all the skills needed to make sensible decisions that suit their needs. As she prepares for college and her post-college life, it is essential that we shed light on and discuss topics such as finance, goal setting, job searching, problem-solving and communication, thereby increasing her chances of success.

    Most importantly, we need to create a safe environment, both physically and emotionally. This will allow for honest conversations, trust building and ultimately better Mental Health. We want our daughter to know that no matter what life brings, we are here to guide and protect her.

    Being a parent is never easy, especially when our daughter refuses to live in reality. However, as long as we continue to empower her with skills, understanding and engagement, there is no limit to what she can achieve. With a bit of love, tons of acceptance and plenty of patience, our daughter will get the courage to face what life throws her way. After all, facing reality is a huge part of life.

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