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    Steven Robinson

    Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik’s SoHo Sizzler - Get the Inside Scoop on a Secretive Dinner Date

    In a world of star-studded couples, why should two A-list superstars make it any different? Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik recently made headlines after they were spotted locking lips during an intimate dinner date in Soho. Onlookers said the two were “incredibly lovey-dovey” and couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

    As rumors of romance began to swirl, whispers about the couple’s relationship status began to fill the air. While neither Selena nor Zayn have made any official statements about the intimate evening, sources close to them both insist that the two are merely friends. However, those same sources claim that there is a strong mutual attraction between them.

    While it remains uncertain whether the iconic singers are in fact a couple, the date night certainly made for an entertaining performance. As these two tried to take the evening to the next level, paparazzi continued to snap photos from behind the scenes. From candlelight dinner to cozy walk in the moonlight, these two seemingly had a dreamy evening together.

    It’s unclear for now what the future holds for Zayn and Selena, one thing is for sure – their romantic rendezvous in Soho was certainly a night to remember. Any time two superstars get together sparks will fly, especially when they’re both as talented and physically attractive as these two are. Whatever the truth may be – whether they’re just friends or something more – we can all only hope the mysterious dinner date provides some insight into this never-ending saga of star-studded romance.

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