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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity

    When life throws curveballs at us, as it often does, and we start to experience confusion, we may not have any immediately obvious answers – much less any idea of how to get back on track. On the surface, confusion usually means frustration due to feeling like our options are limited. When it comes to navigating a seemingly overwhelming amount of information, understanding the most helpful approach can be overwhelming.

    The process of understanding complex or competing information can often be confusing, but understanding our own approach can help make sense of things. The best strategy is often to simply try and understand why we feel certain ways and what behavior will support the decisions we’ve made. It's important to build an internal thought process that allows us to make progress if we're facing difficulty.

    Building our own understanding of our life and journey is often difficult, which is why it's vital to separate the feelings of confusion from the feelings of fear and indecision. Confusion often arises from trying to tackle too many problems at once, when it might actually be better to take things one step at a time. Both the more objective and subjective pieces need to be addressed.

    First, focus on actively seeking out facts and gathering useful pieces of information. Whatever decision-making process we’re faced with, breaking it down into smaller parts can provide us with clarity on the options available, allowing us to be more strategic about which approach is more beneficial for our situation.

    Second, start to recognize and prevent any danger signs associated with decision-making. These can include intense worry, self-doubt and even anxiety towards the future. Engaging in activities that promote mindfulness, such as taking a walk outdoors or deep breathing, can help lessen overwhelming feelings and sound thinking. This will help us stay focused and balanced, which is essential in decision making.

    Finally, take a step back and try to plant our feet on solid ground, remembering that even if we find ourselves in uncharted territories, it doesn't mean there aren't options or resources available. With a positive attitude and a determined mindset, we can start to tackle mental fog and turn our uncertainty into opportunity.

    No matter what confusion arises in our lives, staying aware of our emotions and rationale could help us make more informed decisions and move forward with confidence. By beginning with basic steps to gain clarity and understanding, we can look to discover the hidden opportunities in even the most perplexing of scenarios.

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