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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    The Passing of Time: A Closer Look at the ‘Time Heals’ Mantra

    As the saying goes, ‘time heals’. Life is filled with emotions, highs, lows and everything in between. It's impossible to feel the same strength of emotions throughout the duration of life — something that has been said to be true for thousands of years. But what does it truly mean when we say 'time heals'?

    When we experience pain, happy moments, or a range of other emotions, they have the tendency to pass over time. Growing up, we are given the knowledge that however overwhelming things may seem in the moment, they don't last forever. This is known as the concept of ‘time heals.’ It basically assumes that no matter how strong our emotions may seem at that moment, they will eventually subside overtime as we move on with our lives. Gradually, events, people, and experiences that traditionally occupied our thoughts and hearts, begin to become distant and forgotten.

    It is said that regardless of the intensity of the situation, time passes and acceptance and healing begin with it. It might not always seem like it, but the truth is that the mind has an amazing ability to adapt and shift in response to our experiences. While in the midst of some traumatic or incredibly intense life moments, it can often feel that these moments last an eternity — however, this perception is a mere illusion.

    We all have, in one way or another, felt emotional pain in our lives. We have all had to come to terms with something that has hurt us. Whether it be heartbreak, personal losses, failure, or disappointment. One emotional step forward is taken with the passing of time. We take part once more, in life, and eventually turn towards accepting that the pain has passed and won't be returning.

    Without the ‘time heals’ mantra, it can often be near impossible to face the fact that we need to put our emotions and experiences behind us. Acceptance and healing takes place further down the road—although it may come sooner for some in comparison to others based upon the individual. We all know the phrase, and it presents us with the understanding that with enough time, we can all find closure and acceptance at some point, no matter how hard it appears at the moment. When it feels that it could not get any worse, it eventually starts to fade away over time and become a more distant memory.

    It has been said that time is the greatest healer because it can bring peace, relief, and clarity to situations. We have plenty of memories, regret and trauma that we have held onto across the length of our lives. Letting go can be deeply painful, and even if it comes after a long period of time, reality still needs to be accepted and embraced.

    All in all, I believe there is a lot of truth to the philosophical phrase ‘time heals’. As difficult and heartbreaking as certain parts of our lives can be, we can reflect and understand that through time, our minds require no medication to start to process, heal and accept.

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